Leshan has 5 more good places to take pictures, it's so beautiful!

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The sun is shining, it's a good time to go out

Recently, Leshan photo place is new again, and the photos are especially awesome!


Golden Chrysanthemum Flower Sea

Address: Lesha Intercity Ecological Avenue

Early summer has arrived, and many flowers are blooming competitively to usher in the most beautiful time, that is, the golden cockle chrysanthemum!

Along the Leisha Intercity Ecological Avenue Shawan section, all the way to the direction of the city of Shawan to reach the embankment slope at the Angu Power Station, the aureole has "bloomed into a sea".

The golden pheasant chrysanthemum blooms in early summer, its flowering period can last until August, the whole summer will bloom non-stop.

Come and enjoy the beauty of early summer at the Lesha Intercity Ecological Avenue!


Super Big Wheat Field

Address: Xinkai Village, Angu Town, Hi-Tech Zone

The wheat field located in Xinkai Village, Angu Town, Leshan Hi-tech Zone (west of the high-speed railway bridge on Lesha Avenue) has attracted many tourists to enjoy the scenery and take photos as a newly-emerged net red snagging spot!

This wheat field, with a planting area of about 150 acres, was sown in November 2023 by Leshan Gao Development Agricultural Comprehensive Development Limited Liability Company, and is about to be mechanized for harvesting. With the gradual rise in temperature, wheat ears have gradually turned yellow, the field looks particularly good.

When the breeze comes, the patches of wheat waves are flooded with golden light, which attracts many people to take photos here to mark the occasion!


Rose Sea

Address:Rose Garden, Jianganhua Village, Shizhong  District

You must come here to take pictures of your photos! The Rose Garden of Jiangan Flower Village is planted with hundreds of flowers including roses, roses, moonflowers, plum blossoms, and cherry blossoms, and new spots and props have been added.

Into the rose garden, was surrounded by various colors of roses, close to see a rose delicate, so people can not move their eyes; far from the flowers stretched into the sea, aesthetically pleasing to the extreme.

The beautifully blooming roses reveal a romantic atmosphere everywhere.



Address: Jiazhou Green Center Park, Central City

Sunflowers are one of the flowers that best represent summer. Recently, the sunflowers in Jiasu Green Heart Park have gradually opened up, and you can take pictures of them!

At present, this sunflower has not yet bloomed in large areas, is expected to enter the full bloom period in mid- to late May, when the golden yellow waves cascade, this colorful scenery will surely let you "shoot" to stop!


Rose Sea

Address: Qianchi Peach Expo Park, Ebian Yi Autonomous County

May Ebian Yi Autonomous County Qianchi Peach Expo Park, various colors of roses, moonflower bloom in pieces, constituting a colorful picture scroll.

Citizens and tourists walk through the sea of flowers, or stop to appreciate, or take pictures to remember, feel the romantic atmosphere, record the rare beauty. The breeze blew, the fragrance of flowers, intoxicating.

Qianchi Peach Expo Park is a national AAA-level scenic spot, covering an area of 1.2 square kilometers, in which large areas of roses and moonflowers are planted, with many varieties and a long flowering period.