These Picking Orchard in Leshan are Open, with Prices and Addresses Attached

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February and March are the romance of cherry blossoms

So April and May are the seasons for cherries

these two days

Cherries are constantly on the market

Many  picking gardens in Leshan are also open to welcome guests

Let's go! Eating while picking in the field

Experience the joy of picking once a year


Lei Wuniang Cherry Picking Orchard

The cherries in Leiwuniang Cherry Picking Garden are super good. The black cherries in the garden have thin skin and tender flesh, and when ripe, they are pure sweet without any sour taste. At present, the best time for picking has arrived. Hurry up and make an appointment!

Picking address: Longyan Village, Lizhiwan, Yuelai Town, Downtown Area

Contact number: 18048640675

Reference price: 30 yuan/person, eat freely when entering the picking garden, take away 30 yuan/0.5 kilograms

Xiaoai Cherry Orchard

It is the arrival of spring again, and it is still the season of cherries. At present, it is the time for cherries to mature and go on sale. In the Xiaoai Cherry Garden located in Mianzhupu Community, Mianzhu Town, Downtown Area, cr-ystal clear cherries are hanging among the green leaves, very tempting.

Picking address: Xiaoai Cherry Orchard, Mianzhu Town, Downtown Area

Contact number: 18608068899

Reference price: 20 yuan/person to eat freely in the park, 35 yuan/0.5 kilograms to take away

Dinggaoshan pollution-free cherry

The pollution-free cherries in Dinggaoshan have matured. Walking into the cherry orchard, clusters of bright red and tempting cherries hang among the green leaves. There are also a few pure sweet cherry varieties in the park, s-o you can taste cherries of different flavors. Neighbors also have douhuafan!

Picking address: Gaoshan Mountain, Lizhiwan, Yuelai Town, Downtown Area

Contact number: 18990655171

Reference price: 20 yuan/person for entering the park, 10 yuan/person for 5-10 years old, free for those under 5 years old, 20 yuan/0.5 kilograms to take away


Huashuwan 63+3 Camping Orchard

When you enter the cherry picking garden, you can see many red cherries hanging on the branch between the green leaves, making people drool. Wow, I want to drool just looking at them!

Picking address: Group 1, Jiefang Village, Sanjiang Town, Jingyan County

Contact number: 18048656363

Kangmao Crystal Cherry Orchard

Kangmao Crystal Cherry Garden is located on the banks of the Emei River near Suji Ancient Town, with red agate like "crystal cherries" hanging all over the branches, beautiful and sweet!

Picking address: Suji Gongnong Village, Downtown Area (search for Kangmao Crystal Cherry Orchard on the navigation map)

Contact number: 13438729133

Reference price: 30 yuan/person to eat freely in the park, take away 30 yuan/0.5 kilograms

Bagou Crystal Cherry Orchard Base

Under the recent bright sunshine, over 3500 acres of cherries at the Bagou Crystal Cherry Orchard Base in Qianwei County have entered the mature stage. It is not more than half an hour's drive from Qianwei County via Shiquan Road to Huangjiashan Village in Bagou Town, with convenient transportation.

Arriving at the Crystal Cherry Orchard, the cherry trees are scattered all over the mountains and the branches are bent down by the heavy fruits. The fruit trees are not tall, but there are many fruits, with crystal clear and bright r-ed plump red cherries hanging all over the branches, making people drool.

This year's cherry picking season is different, with not only photo spots and camping and barbecue spots set up, but also thoughtful children's entertainment facilities such as sand pools and DIY production, allowing children to have a great time.

Picking address: Bagou Crystal Cherry Garden Base, Qianwei County

Contact number: 0833-5750000

Reference price: 30 yuan/person for adults entering the park, free of charge for those under 1.2 meters; Take away 30 yuan/0.5 kilograms. Soldiers, police and medical workers can get one free admission ticket with valid certifica-te collection

Yanxiang Happy Fruit Farm

Although our cherries in Leshan are average in size, they are "concentrated is essence", characterized by bright color, thin skin and juicy , sweet and slightly sour. The cherries in the orchard are gradually maturing, with a high qu-ality and sweet taste. Exquisite and small, like agate, with red cherry blossoms dotted among the green trees, it looks super healing~

Picking address: Yangliu Town, Wutongqiao District

Contact number: 13881373286

Reference price: 20 yuan/person to eat freely in the park, 20 yuan/0.5 kilograms to take away

Mengyuan Leisure Family Farm

Mengyuan Leisure Family Farm is located in Group 10, Xutang Village, Luomu Town, Emeishan City, about 15 minutes' drive from the urban area of Emei. The cherries here will enter the picking period in 10 days!

When the cherries are ripe, the red cherries are hanging on the branches like rubies.In addition to picking cherries on the farm, you can also enjoy the rural scenery and fishing, which is very suitable for a family to enjoy the spri-ng pastoral fun on weekends!

Picking address: Group 10, Xutang Village, Luomu Town 〈The former Yang Village Group 6〉

Contact number: 13778887825

Reference price: 30 yuan per person for admission, free to eat, 30 yuan/0.5 kilograms to take away


Not just cherries

April is also the season for mulberry ripening

Sour, sweet, and delicious

Editor recommends several picking gardens to everyone!

Friends who like to eat, come on


Leshan No. 63 Self-driving Camp

The mulberries at the No. 63 self driving camp in Leshan are ripe. The mulberry forest here is well lit, and the fruits are full and juicy. Clusters of shiny black mulberries hang on the branches, making the ripe mulberries look like black gemstones.

Picking Address: Self-driving Camp, No. 63 Lizhi Bay, Yuelai Town

Contact number: 18188338860


Wuguyuan Farm

The mulberry orchard of Wuguyuan Farm has entered a good season for picking. Many purple red mulberries hung on the branches, fresh and plump. In addition to tasting the taste of mulberry fruits, you can also take children to experience fishing for small red fish in these two days. The boss introduced that small red fish (edible) is very easy to fish, and after fishing, you can also take two! In addition, in about 20 days, you can fish for crayfish on the f-arm.

Picking address: Group 1, Wugu Village, Yancheng Street, Jingyan County

Contact number: 13330921119 (advance phone reservation is required for meals)

Reference price: 10 yuan/person for admission, 10 yuan0.5 kilograms to take away, 20 yuan/rod for small red fish


Zhongqiao Village, Tashui Town, Shawan

There is also a good place to pick mulberry around Leshan, which is Zhongqiao Village in Tashui Town! The picking garden covers a total area of 20 mu. Here, visitors can taste it for free. Picking mulberries costs 20 yuan per bask-et, and the boss suggested that it would be just right to go this weekend!

Picking address: Zhongqiao Village, Tashui Town, Shawan District

Contact number: 13398239570

Reference price: Free tasting with admission to the park, picking mulberry at 20 yuan/basket


Mulberry Picking Orchard in Huangtu Town

In the lush mulberry garden, the mulberry branches are bent down and easily picked. Pulling aside the mulberry leaves, the mulberry was crystal clear and covered with branches.

Holding the mulberry branch in hand, gently pinching the ripe mulberry, the purple juice immediately stained the fingers. Take one bite and it's full of childhood flavors.

Picking address: Zhangheba Zhongqiao, Huangtu Town, Jiajiang County

Reference price: 10 yuan per person for weekend and holiday tickets. Feel free to eat in the orchard, and take away the mulberries for weighing and billing.

Fruit needs to be eaten in the orchard to be delicious

Friends who love cherries and mulberries

Seize the time these two days

Go ahead! Don't disappoint the gift of spring