Autumn in Leshan is most obvious in these places

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Autumn is a very mysterious season

Compared with other seasons

The presence in autumn has always been weak

If you don't pay attention, it will slip away


Signal of the arrival of autumn

More than just the beginning of autumn and the autumnal equinox  marked on the calendar

Not only from the temperature suggested by the weather forecast

It can also be a smell

The smell of fried chestnuts on the street

The fragrance of osmanthus and chrysanthemum in the forest and garden

Sweet and fruity aroma in autumn harvest days


And what is the sight of autumn in Leshan?

Today I will take you to find

Laoxiao Summit

One of Leshan's old landmarks

In Leshan City, only here, all the scenery is in sight

Walk through the moss-green stone steps

Climb to Laoxiao Summit, lean on a railing and look into the distance

What a magnificent scene,picturesque landscape


Autumn in Leshan

It started when the ginkgo at Laoxiao Summit turned yellow

The golden ginkgo leaves are like splashing colors

Add a touch of autumn beauty to Laoxiao Summit

Under the sunset, the golden ginkgo is more charming and dazzling

Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area

The sweet-scented osmanthus trees are blooming

Clumps, clusters

Orange, bright yellow, snow white

Walking on the forest path

The refreshing fragrance of flowers lingers in the nose

Little yellow flowers spread all over the branches and pavement

Full of romance

Like a grand welcome ceremony


The afterglow of the setting sun slantingly

Sprinkled with red walls, blue tiles and green forest trails

The breeze brings refreshing coolness

Heat is away

I just want to enjoy quietly at this moment

Leisurely afternoon


Mount Emei Scenic Area

Mount Emei in this season is colorful

The different elevations of the whole mountain are different scenery lines that are immersed in red leaves


Mount Emei wrapped in "red" dress

More enthusiasm than ever

Transpiration of clouds and mist, ten miles of colorful forest

The eighteen bends of the mountain road shuttle through it like a ribbon


High mountains area above Leidongping

It's best for hiking at this time

Red leaves on both sides of the mountain trail

Sparkle in the sun

Walking in the colorful forest is like entering a fairy tale world by mistake


Intense red and flowing clouds

Dotted with yellow of autumn

This is the most beautiful autumn scenery of Mount Emei

Mount Uyu

Mount Uyu is also known as Mount Tsing Yi

Located at the confluence of Dadu River, Qingyi River and Minjiang River

Surrounded by water here, lonely mountains stand tall

The mountains are lush, with overlapping green shades


As soon as autumn

The chrysanthemums on the mountain bloom quietly

Blooming, half-opened, budding

Various flower blooming postures have

Yellow, purple, red

Aromatic refreshing, pleasing to the eye

Blooming after other flowers wither, don’t compete with them


Beauty of Chrysanthemum

Immersed people in it

Both make people feel

The leisure of "While picking asters 'neath the Eastern fence,my gaze upon the Southern mountain rests"

And make people feel

The charm  of "The chrysanthemums in a yard are golden, and there is a cluster of white frosty flowers in the middle. It is so lonely."

The atmosphere of autumn is strong

It's better to ascend Uyu

Relax and enjoy the flowers and scenery

Have a pleasant and cozy time

Jinba Wetland Park in Shuikou Town

Green, green the reed,dew and frost gleam

Autumn is the most beautiful time for reed blooms

In the sun, the reed stands tall and straight

The leaves are green and slender, and the reed flowers are as white as snow


They grow towards the water

Growing lonely in this wetland

Now blooming brilliantly

Its beauty is amazing


On October 4th, it also made the headline of the "People's Daily"

Stand in the reeds and shoot a set of autumn blockbusters

Very beautiful

Qianwei World Jasmine Expo Park

A large piece of gentle pink grass blooms beside the trail

The breath of leisurely vacation is coming

The pink grass matches the blue of the sky

Put autumn into the fairy tale world


Large patches of pink grass

Swaying in the wind, like a dream

Tourists in a sea of flowers

Enjoy the quiet and good time

Heizhugou Scenic Area

Into October

Heizhugou Scenic Area

It starts the most beautiful moment of the year


On the distant mountains surrounded by mist

Yellow leaves change from light to dark, from dark to light

The Yellow leaves began to appear on all the hills


Autumn colors here are a bit different

Red, yellow, green

Became the main color of this live broadcast

Pick up the camera

Any shot is a beautiful oil painting


You are here

You will calm down unconsciously

Take a breath of air from the forest

Appreciate the carefree gestures of the animals on the grass

Feel the tranquility between the mountains and rivers

Admire the agility of life

Mabian Dafengding

Dafengding National Nature Reserve in Mabian

High-altitude deciduous and broad-leaved plants are widely distributed

Entering autumn, the temperature continued to drop

The red leaves on the mountain began to change color widely

From light to dark, from dark to bright

Red is rich in layers, and each is different


The red leaf tree species in the mountain forest is mainly Lianxiang tree

And it belongs to the large deciduous tree

Tall and straight

In the autumn and winter like a flaming firework

Very magnificent

Yu’erwan Park

If you have a soft spot for red leaves

But you don't want to drive for several kilometers

Yu'erwan park will definitely satisfy you

There are a few sporadic Acer palmatum in the park

Although it's not connected as a piece of red

But among the green hills and trees

Embellish the colors of autumn

Gaoqiao Town, Emeishan City

Come to Gaoqiao Town

Eyes full of green rice fields and trees

You might think you broke into the "little forest" in the Japanese movie


Rows of ridges are stacked along the mountain, extending from the foot of the mountain all the way up

It is like  beautiful "color belts"


Go along the trail

Rice fields rise one after another

Rolled up "waves" with the breeze

Picturesque, very charming



A season full of harvest and hope

It is also the most suitable season for travel

After the sweltering heat, the cold winter has not yet arrived

In such a pleasant weather

Hurry up and invite three or five friends

Let's go and experience the beautiful autumn scenery of Leshan