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This summer

In addition to air conditioning + WiFi

Picking grapes in the fields is also a very comfortable thing

It's another harvest season. The grapes are very sweet at this time

The fruit is full, sweet and juicy

2022 Leshan grape picking map

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Shunliu organic vineyard


At first, it looks like glass, and finally it becomes agate. It is small and round. Shunliu organic vineyard, located in gaotan village, Yancheng sub district, ushered in the sweetest season of the year. Many citizens came to this feast of taste and vision.

Entering the vineyard, the green leaves overlap and the aroma of grapes fills the garden. Strings of heavy, full, crystal clear "crystal agate" hang all over the trees and vines. There are purple black shiny Xiahei, and there are rosy Meirenzhi. People can feel the sweetness of summer at a glance.

The orchard covers an area of 30 mu. There are many varieties such as xiahei, hongti, meirenzhi and sunshine rose. Come and pick up the scissors, carry the basket into the orchard, shuttle under the grape rack, feel the joy of ha-rvest and experience the joy of picking.

Picking address: Group 15, gaotan village, Yancheng street, Jingyan county (formerly liujiaba, Gaotan township)

Tel: 13908134713

Shuanglong'an vineyard


The pruned grape branches are luxuriant and leafy. Under the green leaves, there are strings of crystal clear grapes. The faint fruit fragrance is mouth watering. The vineyard is located in shuanglong'an village, Guanyin Town, Wu-tongqiao District, with a scale of more than 30 mu.

The cute grapes are crystal clear, the grape aroma is very pure, and the sweet is slightly sour. Shuanglong'an vineyard produces about 1000kg per mu this year, and the picking cycle can last from the end of July to the end of Au-gust. Do you want to taste the same grape? Welcome to the orchard~

Picking address: shuanglong'an village, Guanyin Town, Wutongqiao District

Tel: Luo Lin 18283310222

Youguo vineyard


The Youguo vineyard in Wuchang Town, Jiajiang County is mainly planted with green pollution-free grapes such as Xiahei, Xiangfei, red rose and sunshine rose. During this period, the xiahei, xiangfei and red roses in the park ha-ve matured. And the Italian roses, sunshine roses and meirenzhi will also mature in succession.

In Youguo vineyard, there are many varieties of grapes with different tastes to choose from. Adhering to the concept of returning to nature and planting good grapes, we strictly control every link of grape planting and ensure th-e quality control of grapes. If you don't want to pick it, you can also contact the boss directly and deliver it to your door~

Picking address: community 1, Hongchuan, Wuchang Town, Jiajiang County (direct navigation to Youguo vineyard)

Tel.: 15281995998

Leshan Fengye farm


The grapes of Leshan Fengye farm in Suji town have entered the mature season. The grapes here are naturally mature, fresh and pollution-free from picking to tasting. 

In the midsummer of July, when the sun is full and the water is abundant, Fengye farm has bred fruit with good quality and sweet taste.

The xiahei grape is sweet and delicious. Once the skin is bitten, the fruit juice is sweet, the pulp is smooth and tender, and the crisp is tender. It is very delicious!

Detailed address: Group 4, Hongyang village, Suji Town, Downtown area

Tel: 18728850505

Haofei family farm


Haofei family farm, located in Shi Village, Quanfu sub district, has a grape planting area of about 11 mu. Many varieties in the garden, such as rose fragrance, zuijinxiang, xiahei, golden finger and jinyou, have been mature. It is al-so a good place for parents and children to play on weekends.

For friends who don't want to go out, more than 5kg can also be delivered to your door! Dear friends, don't miss it!

Picking place: near the health room of Shi village, Quanfu street, Downtown area (it can be reached by navigation and positioning "Fuyuan community").

Tel.: 15283371785

Meiguihong Vineyard


The Rose Red Vineyard in Jianfeng town has an area of about 25 mu, mainly planting green pollution-free grapes such as Jufeng, sunshine rose and rose red.

Jufeng is mature at the end of July, rose red is mature at the end of August, and sunshine rose is mature at the beginning of August. The grapes here are all grown in the original ecology. Only one bunch of grapes is reserved on -each grape tip. Any bunch of grapes is the best fruit.

Picking address: directly opposite No. 31, group 1, Guihua Village, Jianfeng Town, Downtown area

Tel.: 18183366159 (Mr. Yang)

Jianyi family farm


The grapes of Jianyi family farm in Xiba town have gradually matured and come into the market. In the farm shed, grapes are hanging on the vines, and each one is crystal clear and full, emitting an attractive aroma of fruit.

It is also an excellent place to take photos. It is a fresh and natural feeling when you take photos.

There are three varieties of grapes in the farm, covering an area of about 20 mu and the output is more than 5000kg. In the first ten days of July, two varieties of "zuidingxiang" and "meiguixiang" will mature. Later, "Jufeng grap-e" will mature and come into the market.

Picking address: Xiba Town, Wutongqiao District

Tel.: 138813866

Jiajiang Qihang vineyard


There are more than 200 mu of land here, and it feels like embracing a sea of grapes. There are many kinds of grapes, such as blackcurrant, Guanghui, Xiangfei……

There is no end to the road, and there are different varieties of grapes along the road. Under the neatly arranged sheds,  crystal clear grapes are super tempting.

All come here to pick grapes, not only to pick grapes, but also to have fun. Happy parent-child time, experience the fun of hand picking, let children get closer to nature, give children more companionship, and record beautiful moments.

Picking address: Group 4, Hongchuan village, Wuchang Town, Jiajiang County (just navigate to "Jiajiang Qihang vineyard")

Tel: 18081356888

Ziyuan grape picking garden


Angu Ziyuan grape picking garden is located on lesha Avenue, 20 minutes drive from the main city.  The green leaves on the grape rack are dense. Look over and have a good look.

There are more than ten kinds of grapes such as xiahei, zuijinxiang, Jufeng rose, sunshine rose and so on. Among them, netizens especially recommended his rose flavored grapes, which are said to be super delicious.

Picking address: Ziyuan ecological grape picking garden near lesha Avenue, Downtown area

Tel: 18048801968

Eat in the mouth, sweet in the heart

And Qianwei vineyard is waiting for you



Bailexin farm

Address: Hulu Village

Bailexin ecological agricultural Strawberry Garden (click the navigation to reach)

Varieties: Zuijinxiang, rose, xiahei, Jingyou, Jinxiu yellow peach

Price: 5 yuan / kg

contact number:Fu Ping 15984391119


Fuzi vineyard

Address: Yuquan Village (Qianwei-Luocheng roadside)

Fuzi grape picking garden (click the navigation to reach)

Varieties: xiahei, bailuosha, ruby, Hongti, sunshine rose, meirenzhi

Price: Sunshine rose 10 yuan / kg, other varieties 5 yuan / kg

contact number:Chen Enfu 13881372977



Shima grape

Address: Shima Village

Shima Village (click navigation to reach)

Price: 4 yuan / kg

Contact: Mr. Yu 18113977918



Dawan Village

Variety: hongfushi, seedless, Jufeng

Price: 4 yuan / kg

Contact: Huang Li 15282453660 / Dou Ruichao 18981335171


You revel in delicious grapes

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