In the autumn of Leshan, you deserve this flower viewing guide!

2022-09-13 09:00:54 | view:

The weather is getting cooler day by day, and autumn has a real feeling. On the way home, I always feel that someone has sprinkled perfume and it is full of fragrance. It was the osmanthus blooming.

Let the aroma come more intense. Please accept these flower viewing guides and let the fragrance of sweet-scented osmanthus permeate.

Laoxiaoding Park

The sweet-scented osmanthus in Laoxiaoding Park is in the blooming season. Friends who live nearby can go for a walk and smell the fragrance of the flowers. Life is so pleasant.


Baiyan Bamboo Creek Cultural Park

If you want to see sweet-scented osmanthus, Baiyan Bamboo Creek Cultural Park is also a good place to go. In Leshan, there are four main varieties of sweet-scented osmanthus: red dangui, yellow golden osmanthus, white silve-r osmanthus, and four seasons osmanthus that can bloom in all seasons.


Leshan Square

Squares and parks are excellent places to enjoy flowers. Several friends take advantage of their free time to sit under the osmanthus tree to chat and rest, and the air is filled with the noble fragrance of osmanthus.


Binhe Road Binjiang Road


A lot of sweet-scented osmanthus trees are planted along Binhe Road and Binjiang Road, and it is so beautiful to smell the fragrance along the way!

Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Spot


Every year in the golden autumn season, red osmanthus flowers can always hang over the treetops, adding infinite vitality to the Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area. Different from the intensity of roses and the tranquility of jasmi-ne, sweet-scented osmanthus exudes a refreshing fragrance.

Jiazhou Changjie


If you want to see osmanthus rain, then come to Jiazhou Changjie. A gust of autumn wind blows, and the osmanthus tree swaying gently, you will be intoxicated by the beauty in front of you, as if returning to your childhood.

On the Yangwan section of Le'e Avenue, the magnolias in the green belt in the middle of the road are blooming with purple-red flowers, which are unique and seem to be comparable to the osmanthus flowers that are quietly bl-ooming at the moment.


In the summer and autumn of this year, the continuous high temperature in Leshan has made the re-flowering of this magnolia appear, and there is a scene of autumn flowering.

Recently, the Handroanthus chrysanthus in Santa Village, Niuhua Town, Wutongqiao District is also in full bloom. The large yellow flowers are like colorful oil paintings against the backdrop of green leaves, which is very beautifu-l.



In the season of high autumn and fresh air, the blooming of magnolia flowers, the blooming of Handroanthus chrysanthus, and the fragrance of sweet-scented osmanthus brought us a different kind of surprise. A warm reminde-r, please bring civilization with you when viewing flowers and taking photos.