In another month, the red leaves here in Leshan will be stunning again!

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If there is only one place to go this autumn

In October, let's go together to Leidongping in  Mount Emei

——Leidong Yanyun Starry Sky Camp "AUTUMN Trailer"

It rained several times in autumn


On the treetops in the campsite

There is clearly a wisp of yellow appearing

Swaying with the autumn rain

In the thin mountain mist, a strand of yellow leaves on the treetop

Starting to look forward to the golden autumn of October, with red leaves flying cover the mountains

I hope I won't  miss it again this autumn

Unused cameras, starting to cheer

Long pressed shutter, only for recording beautiful things

The Autumn outside the wild wood house

It's the 'ka-ca' freeze frame in the camera

Caught off guard

Autumn in Mount Emei is included in the travel plan

Going to see the autumn that has been brewing for a year

Spread out your hands to welcome the bright moment of autumn in the mountains and fields

Leidong Yanyun Starry Sky Camp

Issue prior notice of 'Autumn'

The upcoming autumn leaf season

I want to lie with you in the colorful forest


by 兰晓娟| 作品(2022)

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The best leaf appreciation time in Leidongping,  Mount Emei (October)

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In August 2022, the new tourism consumption scene of Mount Emei - Leidong Yanyun Starry Sky Camp officially opened to the public. As the only camping themed camp in the mid to high mountain region, it is located in the Leidongping Ski Resort at an alti-tude of 2400 meters. Relying on the unique natural resources of Mount Emei, it forms a new tourism consumption scene of " playing in spring , beating the heat in summer, viewing forest in autumn , and   playing snow in winter ". The campsite has a total of 16 guest rooms, including 5- Xingman loft cabins and 11- Senye tent cabins. It is a unique cabins tent hotel in the Mount Emei scenic area. In addition, the camp also offers unique specialty cuisine: hand ground coffee, Leshan bobo-ji, sweet skin duck, etc.

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