After waiting for a year, these most beautiful places to enjoy flowers in Mount Emei are coming soon

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In the story of spring

Flowers are a constant theme

In keeping with the seasonal order

Flowers will soon bloom in Emei Mountain


The editor has prepared a flower appreciation guide for everyone early on

Allowing you to fully appreciate the beautiful scenery~

White dove flapping its wings, Gongtong tree ready to bloom


Flowers will bloom on time in spring

Every April, Mount Emei will offer you its most precious treasure

The dove tree trees exudes fragrance

Dancing among the towering mountains and steep ridges


The mountain breeze gently caresses the tree tips

Blossoming dove trees are like graceful white doves

Free and agile on the branches, dancing and swaying

It is a giant panda in the plant kingdom!


In front of Gupushan Temple

The Zen concept is becoming increasingly profound and long-lasting

The dove trees are very beautiful

Decorated the dreams of pedestrians


Recommended places for viewing dove trees

Wannian Temple and Xixin Station

April is the best time to admire azaleas

Every April and May

It is the season when azaleas bloom

Starting from the Xixiangchi

The azaleas on the mountain are blooming brightly and warmly


Along the way from Xixiangchi to Baiyunting pavilion

Rhododendrons grow in clusters and groups

As far as your eyes can see, their figures are everywhere

You can want to put the entire flower sea into spring


The Jinding Rhododendron is also very spectacular

Wild and majestic, free and holy

Growing tenaciously on the cliffs and among the mountains and forests

Along with the solemn Buddha statue, the magnificent sea of clouds, and the magnificent sunset

Compose the most beautiful landscape painting scroll


The Rhododendron Growing in the Immortal Mountain of the Buddha Kingdom

It's like coming with a Buddha like feeling

With a revival of vitality and hope

Send the most auspicious wishes to those you see


Recommended places for viewing azaleas

Xixiangchi, Leidongping, Jinding

Passing by the blooming of a flower

Will understand the romance of spring

The people you like and the things you look forward to

It will all arrive in this April