Lotus flowers in these places in Leshan are so beautiful!

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July, has entered the best period of lotus viewing!

Recommended for you a few places in the city center to enjoy the lotus!


Golden Eagle Villa

During this period of time, tens of thousands of lotus plants in Golden Eagle Villa bloom one after another, which is beautiful.

In a piece of emerald green, there are large lotus flowers in full bloom. As far as the eye can see, the lotus flowers in the breeze, gently swinging, in the turquoise lotus leaves between the hidden and hidden, full of poetry and picturesque.

There are many kinds of birds in the lodge, sometimes resting on the lotus flowers, sometimes swooping down to the water to feed on small fish.

By the lotus pond, there are many tourists and photographers who come to admire the flowers. There are even ladies who love beauty, but also change a variety of different shapes by the pool, leaving a beautiful picture with the lotus.

There are many kinds of lotus flowers in Golden Eagle Resort, and from late June to late July, all kinds of lotus flowers will bloom one after another. If you have time, why don't you take your family to the place where the lotus blossoms bloom and have a wonderful date with them?

Address: Golden Eagle Villa, Cotton Bamboo Town, Zhong District, Leshan City

Route: Take No. 14 bus to Golden Eagle Villa Station in downtown, or navigate to it directly.


Rose Manor, Tuzhu Town

There are many varieties of lotus flowers here, which is a beautiful landscape in summer.

The lotus leaves are like jasper disks spreading all over the pond, and the lotus flowers are either in bud or in full bloom, each with its own beauty. The aroma of the lotus also drifts with the wind, intoxicating.

The beautiful lotus flowers also attracted many tourists to come to take pictures and play. "I saw on the Internet that this lotus is very beautiful, so I came over to play, the lotus here is really blooming especially beautiful, it is worth everyone to come over to enjoy taking pictures." Citizen Gao Jing said.

The person in charge of the manor introduced that the lotus of Chidori Rose Manor has several characteristics: first, the flower is very large; second, the compound petal flower, the petals cascade, very beautiful; third, the fragrance of the flower is strong. This year's flowering period is expected to last until mid-July, the public tourists can come to view in this time period.

Address: Tumenzi Village, Tuzhong Town, Central District, Group 5

Route: Navigate to


Li Village, Maoqiao Town

The 200 acres of lotus ponds in Maoqiao Town are breathtakingly beautiful. Strolling along the crisscrossed lotus ponds, you can smell the fragrance of the lotus flowers everywhere, which makes you feel comfortable in the hot summer.

It is understood that this year's rainfall is too much, the temperature is not high, the lotus is not fully open for the time being, but the flowers have the delicate flowers, the leaves have the fragrance of the leaves, everything is a scene, you can also go to the card yo!

Address :Lejia Village, Maoqiao Town, City District, Leshan City

Route: urban area by 16 buses to reach the town of Maoqiao, or direct navigation to go!


Warm reminder

1, the summer heat, it is recommended that you go to the lotus in the morning or evening to avoid heat stroke, and this time the best lotus posture.

2, the wild mosquitoes more, the best with long sleeves and long pants to go, or prepared mosquito repellent water, anti-mosquito stickers.

3, finally, please civilized flower viewing, not picking, not littering, do civilized good citizens!