How can Leshan expand the European inbound tourism market? Listen to what they say!

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In order to take up the mission and task of "building a world-renowned important tourist destination" given to Leshan by the provincial party committee, and actively explore the path of international promotion, branding and product upgrading of the destination, as well as to develop the European source market of inbound tourism, the person in charge of the relevant units of Leshan went to Italy on June 27th, and visited the China Tourism Office in Rome, Italy. Office,. on optimizing Leshan culture and tourism in Europe marketing model, enhance the publicity effect, as well as the two places to send each other and the two sides of the cultural and tourism enterprises in-depth cooperation mode to discuss, expanding the influence of Leshan culture and tourism brand in mind.


On the same day, the relevant personnel of Leshan had a discussion with Carlotta, China Marketing Manager of HUAYA Travel Agency, Fabio, China Marketing Manager of Italian Columbia Travel Agency, and Maria, Chairman of Italian Gilly Tour Travel Agency, to exchange views on European tourists' travel preferences and habits, as well as the status quo and demand of traveling to Sichuan and Leshan, and to carry out the integrated publicity and introduction of "image promotion + product promotion" of Leshan.

Colombian travel agency:

Most Italian tourists only know more about Sichuan's pandas and Sichuan cuisine, and hope that in the future they can promote more Leshan and surrounding trips, through a rich variety of tourism products and tourism resources, so that tourists live, stay, from "one-day tour" to "overnight tour", to promote secondary consumption of tourism. Bringing the secondary consumption of tourism.


HUAYA Travel Agency

The Chinese market continues to optimize the quality of service to meet the multiple needs of foreign tourists, travel agencies also have a lot of China line products, but due to insufficient publicity, only a small number of tourists to choose Sichuan, we hope to more strengthen the external publicity and promotion, to broaden the channels of external communication, and to further expand the source of domestic and foreign tourists.


Gilly Tour Travel Agency

Inbound tourism is hot, the demand for small language tour guides surge, especially Italian tour guides, I hope that the relevant departments to organize training, training a number of language skills, professional skills of high-quality technical talents, as a good cultural dissemination of the messenger.

In 2024, along with the gradual recovery of the inbound tourism market, Leshan will further continue to make efforts in enriching products, improving the level of payment facilitation for overseas tourists, optimizing the booking process for overseas tourists, and targeting the introduction of incentives, etc., so as to provide a better sense of experience for overseas tourists in the whole chain of food, accommodation, transportation, shopping, and entertainment, and to tell a good story of the story of Leshan chapter.


According to the introduction, Leshan City officially issued the "Leshan City to speed up the construction of world-renowned world-important tourist destinations work program", from the cultivation of globally competitive tourism boutique, strengthen the infrastructure support of the destination, improve the quality of internationalized tourism services, promote the domestic and foreign high level of tourism openness and cooperation, and enhance the modernization of internationalized tourism governance capacity, etc., to refine the objectives and tasks, and the implementation of the initiatives, and continuously enhance the international attractiveness and influence of Leshan tourism. The program aims to strengthen the international attractiveness and influence of tourism in Leshan, accelerate the construction of a globally renowned world-important tourist destination with international style, Chinese flavor, Ba Shu style and Jia Zhou rhyme.




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It is reported that in April, Leshan City, the relevant units to the important inbound source market Thailand, through the professional painting exhibition, special promotion, market negotiations, industry visits and other forms of extensive cultural and artistic exchanges, in-depth development of inbound tourism market channels.


In late May, he went to Indonesia and Brunei to have talks with Indonesia Xintiandi Travel Agency and Brunei Yongan Tourism Company, to understand the current situation of local people's outbound tours, to publicize Leshan's rich cultural and tourism resources, to discuss the promotion of inbound tourism cooperation, and to study the relevant preferential policies on inbound tours for local tourists, so as to attract tourists to Leshan.