Leshan Day Trip Tips

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Leshan here not only has food, beautiful scenery, there is a strong cultural atmosphere, this local people recommended Leshan day trip strategy please collect!

Breakfast Recommendation: Tofu Brain

Recommended Merchant:


Dai Siniang Niuhua Bean Curd Brain Delicious Snacks : Opposite No.20, Mansion Street, Zhongshan District

Xiaodou Begonia: 1F, No. 135, East Baiyang Road, Central District

Tongjiang Tofu Brain:Behind Tongjiang Vegetable Market, Shizhong District

Jiazhou Doudou Bean Curd Brain: 1F, No.176, Qingguoshan St., Shizhong Dist.

Fu Street Glasses Tofu Brain: No.163, Xincun Street, Shizhong District

Yangwan Tofu Brain: Yangwan Old Street, Suji Town, Shizhong District

Emei Ganji Crispy Pork Tofu Braised Tofu: No.121, Xingfa Street, Shizhong District

JiuJiu Bean Curd Brain: No.109, Renmin South Road, ShiZhong District

Emei Famous Food (Leshan Harbor Store) : No.161, Hakkang Street, Shizhong District

Cheng Ming Tofu Brain: No.187, Xinshi Street, Suji Town, Shizhong District

Breakfast Recommendation: Noodles

Recommended Merchant:


Min Laowu Guandimiao Spare Ribs Noodles: No. 180, Yanwu Street, Central District

Niu'er Snacks: 50 meters north of the intersection of Zhanggongqiao Street and Liren Street, Central District

Zhu Laoba Original Soup Coddler: No. 62, Jiachangba Street, Central District

Panliuniang Spare Ribs Noodles: No. 380, Wenchanggong South Lane, Shizhong District (opposite Sunshine Plaza)

Zhanggongqiao Authentic Flavored Vegetarian Noodles: No.60, Zhanggongqiao Street, Shizhong District

Dang Dang Noodle House: Little Cross, East Street, Shizhong District (near Sichuan Theater)

Liuerniang Authentic Flavored Vegetarian Noodles: 200 meters east of the intersection of Jiaxing Road and Chafang Road, Shizhong District

Lao Ben Hang Noodle House: No. 17, Yauchiao Street, Shizhong District

Luo Ji Zai Ginger Duck Noodle: No. 182, Chunhua Road Central, Shizhong District

Tour route:

Morning: Leshan Museum, a specialized exhibition hall full of humanistic atmosphere. The museum consists of three exhibition halls: Leshan Giant Buddha Exhibition Hall, Ceramic Stone Carving Art Hall and Painting and Calligraphy Art Hall, with nearly two hundred pieces of national precious relics. Leshan Buddha autistic children's art exhibition is on display here, this exhibition of paintings, are from the "star children" hand. Children with colorful colors, simple lines, childish language, sketched out their hearts of the world cultural heritage, very childish, welcome people from all walks of life to go to the Leshan Museum to see the exhibition, with care, love and warm their inner world.


Leshan Temple of Literature: Built in the year of Tang Gaozu Wude, it now occupies an area of about 11,200 square meters, allowing you to feel the profound history and culture of Leshan.


Laoxiao Peak: Come to Laoxiao Peak hidden in the green forest, take a breath of fresh air, here you can overlook the whole city of Leshan and see the Leshan Giant Buddha from afar, it is really cozy!

Lunch Recommendation: Foot-lift beef

Recommended Merchant:


Feng Sanniang Foot-lift beef: No.289, No.291, No.293, Jiaxing Road, Central District

Fangfang Foot-lift beef (main store): No.13, 15, 17, Jiaxiang Road, Central District

Yi Laoba Foot-lift beef: No. 494, Jiaxiang Road, Central District

Chen Laosan Foot-lift beef: Intersection of Xuedao Street and Shuncheng Street, Shizhong District

Feng Siniang Foot-lift beef: No.289, 291, 293, Jiaxing Road, Central District

Xi Xi Foot-lift beef: No. 123, Pingjiang East Street, Zhongshan District

Gushixiang: No.85, Guihua Road, Suji Township

Lao Niu Tendon Foot-lift beef: No.155, Guihua Road, Suji Town, Central District (next to Zhangwu Rice Flower Candy)

Lao Shiqiao Foot-lift beef: No.178, Guihua Road, Suji Town

Pingqiao Gudu Foot-lift beef: No.304-306, Yuhechang Street, Suji Township

Qimingge Foot-lift beef: No.46 Guihua West Road, Suji Town, Central District

Lunch Recommendation: Bobo Chicken

Recommended Merchant:


Sai Taste Bobo Chicken: No. 79, Han Yuan Street, Central District

No.189, Qingguoshan Street, Shijhong District

Ji Laosi Bobo Chicken: No.119, East Baiyang Road, Shizhong District

Gastric Smile Bobo Chicken: No.79, Han Yuan Street, Central District

Huang Sihai - Bobo Chicken: No.106, Dongdajie, Shizhong District

Zhou Chicken Bobo Chicken: No. 53, Dongdajie, Shangzhongshun Commercial Street, Shizhong District

Gu zhen ji Bobo Chicken: No.206, Haitang Road, Central District

Grandma Ye's Bobo Chicken: No.41, Dongdajie, Shizhong District

Afternoon Excursion Route:

Dadu River Jinkou Grand Canyon, one of the "Ten Most Beautiful Canyons in China", a national 4A-level tourist attraction and a rare natural heritage in the world, is 12 kilometers long, with an average valley width of 150 meters and a maximum valley depth of 2,646 meters, and a scenic area where the "gorges, water, culture and villages" are blended together, and natural scenery and humanistic customs are intertwined. The natural scenery and humanistic flavor are intertwined in the scenic area.


Beauty Peak is the third peak of Emei Mountain Range, with an altitude of 2,027 meters, and is known as "Sleeping Beauty" by Guo Moruo because it looks like a beautiful woman lying on her back. The landscape of Beauty Peak is famous for its stone forest, which is full of beautiful rocks and plants.


Four Streams Gully belongs to the typical karst landscape features, lush vegetation in the scenic area, dense caves, has been highly respected over the years, is a good place for people to explore the mystery of Leshan.

Dinner Recommendation: Spicy Hot Pot

Recommended Merchant:


Niu Hua Liu Mei Hot Spicy Hot Pot: Near No. 189 Juzhu Street, Central District

Nai Di Hot Spicy Hot Spot: Next to Qingfeng Street Farmer's Market, Qingfeng Road, Shizhong District

Wu's Niuhua Spicy Hot Pot: South entrance of Tongjiang Street Community Health Service Center, Shizhong District

Veteran spicy hot pot:No.621, Chunhua Road, central part, Shizhong District

Miaowei Hot Spicy Hot Spot: opposite to Xianjie Police Station, Shuisimen Lane, Shizhong District

Zhang Sanfeng Spicy Hot Pot: No.602, Binhe Road, Shizhong District

Xiongjiapo Spicy Hot Pot: No.11-17 Zhanggongqiao Street, Shizhong District

Niu Hua Flavor Spicy Hot Pot: Jiading Middle Road, Shizhong District (Han Yuan Street Store)

Niu Hua Bapo Spicy Hot Pot: No.167, Commercial Street, Wutongqiao District (Origin Store)

Niu Hua Zhou Ji Spicy Hot Pot: Wutongqiao District, Shengli Street, next to the Yellow Fatty Intestine Restaurant


Dinner Recommendation:barbeque

Recommended Merchant:


Tang Barbecue: No.2, Yauchua Street, Central District

Liu Shi Barbecue: No.505, Middle Chunhua Road, Shizhong District

Wang Butcher Barbecue: Su Hong Road, Su Ji Town, Shizhong District

Qilixiang Barbecue: No.134, Chafang Street, Shizhong District

Xiao Xu Barbecue: Muzi Town, Shizhong District, Leshan City

Pi Sister Barbecue: No.737, Tianxing Road, Shizhong District

Wengong Barbecue: No.186, Baiyun Street, Shizhong District

Xu Barbecue: No.58, Middle Binjiang Road, Shizhong District

Liuniang Barbecue: 1F, Venice Mansion, Xincun, Renmin West Road, Shizhong District

Liu Xuan Sheng Barbecue: Intersection of Cuiyuan Road and Jiaxiang Road, Shizhong District

Night Tour Route

Night Tour: The cruise departs from Uyu Temple Pier at 19:30 and 20:30 With the cruise slowly moving forward, where the three rivers converge, the majestic Buddha is unveiled under the visual interpretation of lights.

Night Tour of Lingyun Mountain

Night Tour of Leshan Giant Buddha: 19:30-21:30

Night Tour of Oriental Buddha: 19:30-22:00

At Lingyun Mountain at night, the lights illuminate every piece of green stone board, and a blooming lotus flower is projected at the foot.

Only Emeishan Theater Fantasy City

Performance Time: 20:00-21:30

The "Above the Clouds" theater allows the audience to move through six natural image spaces and listen to six different stories and plays.