The Taste of These 18 Bobo-ji in Leshan is Super Good!

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A city of gastronomy

Here, everything can be strung together

Boiled, fried, grilled, or soaked

Over time

Leshan's "Four Famous Strings" have attracted countless diners

Today I will recommend it to everyone

Bobo-ji, one of the "Four Famous Strings"

String cooked meat and vegetables onto bamboo skewers

Soak it in the secret soup and eat it as you please

Full of ceremony



1. Saiziwei Bobo-ji

No.79, Hanyuan Street, Downtown Area

This store has been operating on Hanyuan Street in Niu'er Qiao for over 20 years, with a daily stall at noon and a closing at 8 pm. The price remains as cheap as ever, at 0.6 yuan per  string . Some ingredients, such as duck tongue, have three strings, but most of them are one sring, with high cost-effectiveness and good taste. Even if it's not a holiday, it's crowded !



2.Shuaimachuan Bobo-ji

No.189 ,Qingguoshan Street, Downtown Area

This store is located in Qingguoshan. Their base ingredients are both fragrant and not greasy, and the aftertaste is a bit sweet. TThe taste is very delicate, and it can't stop after tasting! Chicken soup rice and chicken soup noodles are also worth recommendin-g. If there is any shortcoming, it is that there are not enough dishes!



3.Ji Laosi Bobo-ji

No.119 ,Baiyang East Road, Downtown Area

This store only has one type of soup base - spicy red oil, which has a strong taste and can be soaked for a while to taste. Drinking a bottle of Emei snow while eating bobo-ji is really great! Their brown sugar liang-gao are also delicious! If you don't believe it, j-ust give it a try and you'll know~



4. San-niang Bobo-ji

No.25 ,Hanyuan Street, Downtown Area

The biggest feature of this restaurant is its cost-effectiveness, which many students from Leshan often go to eat! Even after graduation, the taste still lingers in one's heart~chicken feet , chicken tendons, chicken crowns... all of these are from the San-niang, a-nd the taste is very crispy and tender. In addition, paired with this store's three fresh ice jelly, it's amazing!



5.Weixiao - Kaishuiji Bobo-ji

No.79 ,Hanyuan Street, Downtown Area

This store mainly sells bobo-ji and kaishui-ji, and there is no need to wait for a long time. The dining experience is very good. The soup base of bobo-ji is very fragrant, and the dishes taste the most delicious after soaking for three minutes. The more you eat, the spicier it becomes, the more you want to eat~



6.Huangsihai Huangjirou Bobo-ji

No.106, Dongdajie Street, Downtown Area

This is a century old shop, also located on Dongdajie Street, with good business. His bobo-ji are fresh, and the soup base is slightly spicy, making it refreshing and not greasy to eat. In addition to bobo-ji, huang-ji-rou is also a must order. The chicken is tende-r and resilient, and the skin is sticky but not greasy~



7.Zhoujirou Boboji

No.53, Dongdajie Street, Shangzhongshun Commercial District, Downtown Area

The brand of Zhoujirou has a history of about 100 years now. There are also many stores in Leshan. Their soup is very strong and the dishes are very fresh. The cut native chicken is matched with the secret chili oil, and the more delicious it is! Chicken soup w-onton is also very good~



8.Guzhenji Bobo-ji

No. 206 Haitang Road, Downtown Area

On the roadside, under the shade of trees, the resturant environment is very good. Bobo-ji has a bright red , a thick and spicy taste, and a long aftertaste. If you really like this taste, you can also purchase Guzhenji bobo-ji seasoning bag separately.


9.Xiaji Wutong Huangjirou Bobo-ji

No. 55, South Section of Fenghuang Road, Downtown Area

Just near Leshan Xin square, the store is small and inconspicuous. The huang-ji-rou in the store is also famous, and the specialty chicken soup  rice are freshly cooked. The chicken soup has a strong and fresh taste, and business is quite good. They have also o-pened a branch now!



10.Maomaohan Bobo-ji

No. 3, Shiniugu Lane, Downtown Area

A very ordinary looking small shop, red soup belongs to the spicy type, and it is also topped with chopped chili peppers. It tastes very strong, and each string is super delicious! The rice grains in their egg fried rice are separated, which is really super fragrant. You can try it!



11. Yipopo Bobo-ji

No.105 Fenghuang Road, South Section Baiyun Street Intersection

The bobo-ji near the new square is a favorite of many experienced foodies. The cooked soup is sprinkled with unique ingredients, and then sprinkled with sesame seeds. The fragrance wafts in unison, and no matter how picky your mouth is, you can't resist t-he temptation of bobo-ji.


12.Yepopo Bobo-ji

No. 41 Dongdajie, Downtown Area

No one does not know the Yepopo, opened more than 40 years, from the roadside stalls operated into a chain store, from Leshan to the country, has long become a representative of Leshan cuisine. Business is booming on weekdays, and even better on holidays, when the line is so long that locals have to take a detour.


13.Dongdong Bobo-ji

No.728 Jiaxing Road, No.1 Residential District, Downtown Area

Dongdong's bobo-ji with sesame aroma is a major feature, with a just right ratio of spicy and sweet base material. It leaves a lingering fragrance on the lips and teeth after eating it, and is widely praised by everyone. Moreover, the service provided by the wai-ters inside is also very enthusiastic!



14.Xupopo Bobo-ji

No.163 ,Dongdajie Street,  Downtown Area

Xupopo's bobo-ji is rich in dishes, and the flavor of the soup  is just controlled. The chicken soup rice is delicious, the egg fried rice is not greasy, and the ice jelly is purely handmade, with brown sugar, which is really good!



15.Huji Time-honored Bobo-ji

Wutongqiao District Sichuan Opera Troupe

This restaurant has been open for many years in Wutongqiao, at first it was a pushcart stand before it became a storefront, many people grew up eating their bobo-ji, the recommended dishes are duck intestines, duck feet tendon, potato !



16.Yang San Chuan-chuan-xiang Bobo-ji

No. 330, South Street, Qianwei County

In Qianwei, there are bobo-ji everywhere. Qianwei people like to call bobo-ji as chuan-chuan. Yang San Chuan-chuan-xiang is a good place to eat bobo-ji. He uses the freshest Chili oil and secret recipe, which tastes super good.



17. Chengji Yangyu-tuo-tuo Chuan-chuan-xiang

No. 72, Chihaogou Street, Qianwei County

The bobo-ji stall without bamboo strings has not a good environment, but it is very famous online, and many food bloggers come to taste it. As for the taste, it definitely makes you unable to refuse, you can fall in love with it after eating it once!



18. Er Mao Ice Jelly

The original yummy street on Dongxin Road, Emeishan City

A shop where locals have been eating from childhood to adulthood. Although their signature brand is ice jelly, they mainly sell cold skewers. Of course, their ice jelly also taste great, and you must order a bowl when you come!



What other delicious small shops do you know

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