Leshan has a good place to enjoy lotus flowers and prevent sunstroke

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To feel the different scenery in summer

These days, the lotus in Berlinhe Township, Tashui Town, Shawan District, opens for the first time. The beautiful lotus in the pond is the most moving picture in summer.On the basis of last year, Berlin Lotus Township upgraded and created a variety of entertainment projects such as lotus pond spray, bamboo raft, lotus pond fish catching, children's playground, and Hanfu experience.


The flowers have bloomed and the oil-paper umbrella is in place. Several ink-and-ink oil paper umbrellas echoed with the blooming lotus flowers. Walking beside the lotus pond in Hanfu, the beauty is graceful, the lotus reflects the people, and the people reflect the lotus.


In addition, Berlin Lotus Village also blends the lotus scenery in the pond with delicious delicacies to make lotus delicacies with delicious colors and fragrances, with tangy aroma, pleasant color and fresh taste. It's better to take your family and ask your friends to take a look and savor the full happiness of summer.


On June 12th, Qianwei Alsophila spinulosa water park will open for trial operation. This summer, the water world will help you release your passion and let you have fun and fun!


The Suoluo Lake Fun Park is located next to the Suoluo Lake Visitor Center. It covers an area of 15 acres. With the theme of water amusement, it integrates beach leisure, amusement, and water splashing. It has novel and excitin-g diversified activities.


In addition to playing in the water, there are also beaches on the shore for rest. The Suoluo Lake Waterpark is also equipped with a fully functional integrated leisure area, which provides leisure, entertainment, dining, and acco-mmodation to meet the diverse needs of different age groups.