Another high-speed rail line has been added, making it more convenient to come to Leshan for fun!

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Good news

Starting from October 11th, which is tomorrow

Chongqing Jiangbei Airport will add another high-speed rail line

I.e. G8680

A high speed rail schedule from Jiangbei Airport to Emeishan

This train line has a total of 9 stations

Passing through Longchang, Shuangliu Airport, Leshan and other places

The endpoint is Mount Emei

The full one-way fare from the airport to Emeishan starts at 232 yuan

If you need it, you can go to Railway 12306 to check and purchase

Please refer to the following figure for details

Eating hot pot in Chongqing at noon

Come to Leshan to eat qiao-jiao beef at night

Take the high-speed rail to travel to Leshan

Leshan, a "treasure level" city

We have also issued a warm invitation to everyone for beautiful scenery and delicious food


Go to Leshan to see the beautiful scenery

Leshan  Giant  Buddha

The Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area faces the urban area of Leshan across the river, which is a must see scenic spot in Leshan. After climbing the mountain to see the Buddha, you can also visit scenic spots such as Lingyun Temple, Suyuan, and Dongpo Tow-er.  It is about 1 kilometer from the entrance of the scenic area to the mountain gate, and on the way back by car, you can enjoy the "Liu-du" Buddha Language Corridor and the Buddha Culture Square.


Mount Emei

Mount Emei is located near 30 ° north latitude, with a steep terrain and beautiful scenery, known as the " Emei mountain is the most beautiful place in the world". The elevation of Jinding is 3077 meters, and on top of it is a small plain with a golden palace an-d golden buddha. If you are lucky, you can also see sunrise, sea of clouds, and Buddha's light.



Heizhugou, known as the "World Fantasy Capital", "Bermuda, China", and "Green Gene Pool", has beautiful scenery in spring, cool breeze in summer, red leaves in autumn, and ice and snow in winter. The primitive scenery is hidden in the mountains and fores-ts.


Dongfeng Weir - Qianfo Rock

The World Irrigation Engineering Heritage Site - Dongfeng Weir, was built in the first year of the Kangxi reign of the Qing Dynasty (1662). The main canal is 12 kilometers long and irrigates over 70000 mu of farmland. The Qianfo Rock was excavated in the Sui Dynasty and flourished in the Tang Dynasty. These Buddha statues are arranged in an orderly manner, with beautiful shapes and exquisite craftsmanship.


Muchuan Bamboo Sea

The Muchuan Bamboo Sea Scenic Area, known as the "holy land for lung washing", is located in the Danxia landform with an average elevation of 450 meters. The painting scroll unfolds with a continuous green atmosphere, like entering a yearning fairyland on earth.


Jiayang · Alsophila Lake

The "Living Fossil of the Industrial Revolution" Jiayang Small Train is currently the only passenger narrow gauge steam train operating in the world. At Mifeng Rock, you can experience the "herringbone" turn invented by Mr. Zhan Tianyou.


The Beauty Peak

Located in the south of Shawan district, Beauty Peak is the third peak in the Emei Mountains, with an elevation of 2027 meters. Due to its resemblance to a beautiful woman lying on her back, it is praised by Guo Moruo as the "Sleeping Beauty".


“Unique Mount EMEI” Drama Fantasy City

Enter the fantasy city of the drama "Unique Mount EMEI", break into the virtual and real world woven by Director Wang Chaoge, and watch a life drama that savors the millennium old Emei.


Go to Leshan to eat delicious food

Eating in Sichuan, Tasting in Leshan


The charm of this city


Besides the beautiful scenery, there are also delicious food. Come on

Suji Ancient Town

Come to Suji ancient town for a cultural and culinary trip. Zhouji Qiao-jiao Beef, Er Shitang Stewed Goose , Yangwan Uncongealed tofu, Xu Liang-gao, Wangtufu Barbecue... Experience authentic Leshan food in the millennium old town.


Jiaxing Road Food Street

Come to Jiaxing Road Food Street, from lunch to dinner and then to midnight snack, Jiaxing Road food can always satisfy your picky taste buds. Chuanmei Bingfen, Li Shuang Zhu braised crayfish, Lao Jiazhou Fengji BBQ, Xiaodou Haitang... These well-known food shops are all mouth watering!



At Zhanggongqiao, you can enjoy all the delicious food in Leshan in one stop. Night fell, the lights were on, and the streets were filled with a sense of life. Niuer flavor snacks,Huang Niang bobo-ji, Xiong Jiapo mala-tang…… There are all kinds of delicious sna-cks available.


Shangzhongshun Characteristic Block

Shangzhongshun Special District is a national level tourism and leisure district that combines "poetic beauty" and "interesting soul". There are Shunfa Restaurant, Du Pangniang Restaurant, Wangji Marinated Pork, Chen Laosan Qiao-jiao Beef, Lu's Traditional Brown Sugar Cake……Fully experience the taste of Leshan.


Dongdajie Street

There is also the Dongdajie Street located in the old city area that cannot be missed. This is the food gathering place of Leshan, where the crew of "A Bite of China" have all come to search for food. Yepopo  bobo-ji, Youji Fat Intestine, Lei Siniang, Baohuayuan, Lingdang Noodle Restaurant... Come on!


Niuhua Town

When it comes to cuisine, the coveted delicacies in Niuhua Town, Wutongqiao are the most captivating. Huang Feichang, Gongyuan Uncongealed tofu, Huangniang Uncongealed tofu, Jiujiu Uncongealed tofu, He Siniang Uncongealed tofu, Niuhua Lvyuan Mala-tang, Niuhua Bapo Mala-tang, Niuhua Zhouji Mala-tang, and Yanjing Sweet Skin Duck are all popular food in the town.


Are you excited after  watching it

Collect this food and entertainment guide well

Get on the high-speed train and come to Leshan for fun