The scenery is absolutely beautiful! Let's go hiking in Leshan, the "Forest Oxygen Bar".

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Summer is here, splashing love and freedom in the summer breeze, where there are no ceilings.


Summer in Heizhugou is colorful!

Here, every piece of scenery in summer is so unique and charming

Vivid and interesting


Sometimes it drizzles, and the rain washes the grass and trees in the mountains, and everything sucks in and gets greener.



In this green mountain forest, rainwater nourishes and grows a group of lovely mushrooms! They are either independent or clumped, with different forms and colors.


After the storm, under the blue sky and white clouds, the green mountains look especially charming!


The summer wind blows the green meadow, which stretches between the high mountains, and it seems like a fairy tale world, with grass and trees instead of flowers.


Surrounded by mountains on all sides, it has a wide view, with cattle and horses in herds, leisurely enjoying the fresh air and tender green grass.


Lush trees and green leaves, displaying the vitality of summer, form a vivid summer picture.

The leaves rustle in the breeze, bringing a cool and refreshing feeling.



Stillwater Lake, turquoise and clear, as if a block of emerald, can feel a coolness through the screen.

When the sunlight pours through the leaves on the water, it seems like an exquisite embellishment of nature.

Count the goodness of summer in the summer days.

Black Bamboo Gully scenic area is full of vigor, bright, bright, green, get out of the house to "forest oxygen bar".