7 great places to enjoy lotus flowers in Leshan in as little as 15 minutes!

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As a summer reservation program, it is time to go to enjoy the lotus. Leshan these 7 places to enjoy the lotus, beautiful scenery, high rate of film, play more, hurry to collect it.

Jiazhou Changjuan Tianjie

Ticket Information: Free

Flowering Address: Jiazhou Changjuan Tianjie, Shizhong District

Recommendation: Take No. 4 or No. 202 bus to Bishan Lake Station and walk there.


Jiazhou Changjuan of lotus is the earliest blooming wave of the year, the flowers are also enough to make people stunning, along the path to see up close, quite a poetic feeling, taking pictures of the atmosphere is very good!

Although the area of this pond is not large, but close to the city, a ten-minute drive can be reached, parking is also convenient! There is also a large lawn behind the pond, so you can come here on weekends to take photos and play with your kids at the same time!

Golden Eagle mountain villa

Ticket Information: Free of charge

Address: Golden Eagle mountain villa, Mianzhu Town, Shizhong District, 2 km from Mianzhu exit of Chengle Expressway.

Travel Recommendation: You can take the No.1 bus directly, or navigate and drive.


Golden Eagle mountain villa's lotus pond has a total of two, now leaning in the pond is open just right, turquoise lotus leaves spread throughout the pond, pink lotus, giving people a gentle feeling!

Sitting idly in the pavilion, the garden is full of pink and green, the fragrance of the lotus flowers, and occasionally there are water droplets quietly climbing up the rounded lotus leaves.

Simple - field

Flowering Address: Emeishan City, Shuangfu Town, Tangfang Village, simple - field               


Ticket Information:Flower Appreciation Ticket 15.8/person


More than 60 acres of lotus flowers are quietly blooming here, and there has been a steady stream of tourists coming to enjoy the flowers and take photos recently!

Currently, the garden is full of beautiful lily of the valley plantains, and some of the hydrangeas can be photographed. There is also a particularly popular fishing program, crayfish fishing, which can be enjoyed by children and adults alike!

Great Buddha Temple

Tickets: Free

Address :No.274 South Foguang Road, Emeishan, China

Travel Recommendation: Take bus 602 to Dafo intersection, walk for 1 minute to reach the destination; or direct navigation to go to


In the midst of the downtown area, it maintains a unique tranquility and peace. Recently, the lotus blossoms in the Yuanjue Pond here are in full bloom, complementing the simple and ancient temple.

The lakes and mountains are reflected in the pool, and the turtles and fish swim together in groups, with a perfect combination of space and geography, and man and nature coexisting harmoniously.

Berlin Township lotus flower

Address:Berlin Lotus Township, Tashui Town, Shawan District

Travel recommendation: drive navigation "Shawan Berlin lotus township" can be directly to the scenic spot. (Leshan City Center - Lesha Avenue - National Highway 348 - Berlin Village Committee.)


Every year in mid to late June, the 800 acres of lotus flowers here begin to open. It always attracts a lot of tourists to come to watch and take photos!

Walking on the hundreds of meters long wooden trestle of Lianxiang Lake, the turquoise emerald lotus is standing, and the lotus flower between the leaves extends its long flower stem.

Li Village, Maoqiao Township

Ticket information: free of charge

Address: Li Jia Village, Maoqiao Town, Central District, we recommend driving to the navigation Oh!       


Li Village in Maoqiao Township will also usher in the lotus season. More than two hundred acres of lotus flowers of many varieties are planted here.

The lotus flowers written by poets seem to blend into the daily life of the countryside in the rhythm of slow life.