It's lively and intense! Here comes the wonderful replay of Jiajiang Loong Boat Race

2024-06-11 16:31:09 | view:

June 10 is China's traditional Dragon Boat Festival, Jiajiang county 2024 “a hundred barges to meet the Dragon Boat Festival, the nuclear force to forge ahead in the new journey” Dragon Boat showcase race in the Qingyi River was held in a grand, which is not only the Dragon Boat race, but also Jiajiang masses of cultural and artistic concentration of the show.


At 8:00 a.m., the main venue under the Wang'e Building in the Shi Yi Square was crowded and bustling. The 24 Loong Boat teams participating in the exhibition were cruising on the water, and they rowed through the rostrum in turn. Various folk art groups in Jiajiang County have centralized exhibitions, "Yang Ge", waist drums, lion lanterns, oxen lanterns, loong dances, and wonderful folk cultural performances have created a festive atmosphere.

At the main venue on the north bank of the Qingyi River, colorful flags waved and applause thundered. Wonderful water flyer show, water skiing stunt show, and solo skill rowing show are exciting.


Light the eyes of the loong is an important folklore activity of Dragon Boat Racing in Dragon Boat Festival, which has deep cultural connotation. Participating leaders and guests held eye-dotting ceremony for each loong boat team , signifying peace and good luck.

Qingyi River, to participate in the Dragon Boat Race 24 loong boat team divided into four groups for the preliminaries, with the referee “bang” a shotgun, loong boat players move on command, loong boat such as an arrow off the string rushed to the finish line. The sound of paddles and shouts are intertwined together, interpreting a water speed and passion of the “crazy”, the audience cheered loudly.


“Watching the dragon boat race at the scene, very excited and very happy, Jiajiang county in the promotion of traditional culture is very attentive, especially the Dragon Boat Festival ritual link, there is a full sense of ceremony and has a strong historical and cultural characteristics.” Audience Li Xiaoxiang said. This Dragon Boat Race has town (street) teams, enterprise teams, and loong boat teams from other places, which are very well-prepared, energetic and passionate, and have raced in style and at a high level.


After two rounds of fierce competition in the preliminaries, qualifying and final teams were produced. As a result of the competition, the loong boat team of the Engineering&Technical College of Chengdu University of Technology won the first prize, Wuchang Town and Qingyi Group Qianlong Loong Boat Team won the second prize, and Ganjiang Town, Xinchang Town and Chongqing Wulong District Loong Boat Team won the third prize. 16 loong boat teams, including Sinohydro JiaJiang Hydraulic Machinery Company Limited, were awarded with the winning prizes. Participating leaders and guests awarded honorary medals to the winning teams.

The loong boat team of the Engineering&Technical College of Chengdu University of Technology, which won the first place, is a group of college students and teachers who have been strengthened after more than a month of intensive training. Everyone was especially happy to get first place this time.

Participating team member Zhao Yijie said: “It is a great honor to take part in the dragon boat race activities, commemorating the patriotic poet Qu Yuan and inheriting the dragon boat spirit of striving for excellence, which is very meaningful. Jiajiang County's hosting of the dragon boat event this time was well-organized and well-served, and the atmosphere of the race was great, with a very good experience."


After the game, the joyful and lively duck snatching activities began, 50 winter swimming enthusiasts such as dragon into the water, bravely scramble to snatch ducks, joyful and festive scenes to the climax of the activities.


Jiajiang County 2024 “a hundred barges to meet the Dragon Boat Festival, the nuclear force to forge ahead in the new journey” focused on the successful conclusion of the exhibition activities. The activity inherits the excellent traditional Chinese culture, shows the “unity and hard work, strive for excellence” dragon boat spirit, and enriches the cultural life of the masses at the Dragon Boat Festival.