French and Spanish travel operators visited Leshan

2024-06-11 11:05:35 | view:

(LNN)In response to invitations from the Office du Tourisme de Chine, Paris and China National Tourist Office, Madrid, around 40 French and Spanish travel operators visited the historic city of Leshan on June 7th.

Upon arrival, the guests explored Suji Ancient Town, indulging in local delicacies such as the famous "Qiaojiao" beef. At the Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area, they embarked on boat tours to marvel at the magnificence of the Giant Buddha.

Europe stands as a significant market for China’s inbound tourism. Serving as the final station of the "Hundred European Travel Operators Visiting China" event, Leshan organized a series of cultural performances to showcase the city's beauty and foster connections with overseas travel operators, while also launching high-quality tourism products tailored for the European market.