Thailand tour group of 35 people arrived in Leshan

2024-06-05 15:52:35 | view:

On May 28, a 35-member Thai tour group arrived in Leshan, which is the first inbound cooperation tour group ushered in after Leshan City went to Thailand at the end of April to carry out key inbound tourism market docking. The tour group arrived at Leshan Big Buddha Scenic Area and took a boat tour of Leshan Big Buddha. The boat departed from Jiazhou Ferry Terminal and gradually approached the Big Buddha. When the majestic figure of the Big Buddha was shown in front of the eyes of all the tourists, the tourists were so excited that they took photos together to commemorate the event.



During the tour, the tour guide of Big Buddha Tour introduced the process and historical significance of Leshan Big Buddha from construction to perfection in detail, and through a story of Jiazhou, every tourist was greatly shocked. After the tour, the tourists expressed that it was a worthwhile trip and hoped that they would have the opportunity to come to Leshan again in the future, go to the foot of the Big Buddha, feel the majesty and grandeur of the Big Buddha up close, and appreciate the unique charm of the ancient stone carving art of China.


Dafo Travel Investment Group will further strengthen cooperation with travel-related enterprises with strength in Thailand, such as Just Right Travel Group and Thailand Asia Travel Transportation. The use of ticketing activities, off-peak season ticket discounts and a series of policies to completely open up the entry and exit channels between Leshan and Thailand, for the team, individuals to develop a number of tour lines, to seize the first opportunity for recovery of the inbound tourism market. The two sides will implement the details of cooperation, the two sides of the scenic spots into each other's outbound tour line products, for group tourists to develop appropriate preferential policies, and online and offline at the same time.


Leshan City, aiming at Southeast Asia's important source markets, has gone to Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei and other countries to carry out inbound market development, January to May, the cumulative reception of Thailand's inbound overnight tourists more than 10,000, Southeast Asia regional inbound overnight tourists more than 30,000 people.