For an immersive tour of the ancient town, this is the right place to visit in Leshan!

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Suji Town in the city center district has many specialties.

It is the birthplace of the famous “qiao-jiao beef”.

“Suji Rice Candy” and “Suji Qiao-jiao Beef ” have been listed in Sichuan Intangible Cultural Heritage

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Feel the charm of Suji Ancient Town in an immersive way!


If you come to Suji and don't have a meal of qiao-jiao beef, you've come for nothing. Among the many local specialties in Leshan, qiao-jiao beef is definitely a famous business card. Let's start today's trip to Suji with a delicious meal of qiao-jiao beef !


Qiao-jiao Beef is a symbol of the start of the day for the Suji people, Whether it is in a noisy restaurant or in a quiet countryside store, as long as the bowl of qiao-jiao beef is brought to the table, it is the most unadorned, sincere and enthusiastic ceremony of life.


After tasting the qiao-jiao beef , you can also stroll through the ancient town of Suji, step on the stone boards of Rugong Bridge, and go to the non-heritage museum to find out more about the past and present life of this centuries-old delicacy.


The Qiao-jiao Beef Intangible Heritage Museum is located in a Qing Dynasty courtyard on Yang Dock Street in the ancient town of Suji, with an exhibition area of about 1,000 square meters. Entering the Intangible Heritage Museum, the first thing that catches your eye is the bronze sculpture of a majestic buffalo, which is not only the main ingredient of qiao-jiao beef, but also a unique cultural symbol of the ancient town of Suji.


There are four display units in the Intangible Heritage Museum, which comprehensively present the history and culture of “Qiao-jiao Beef ” from the perspectives of birth background, historical changes, exquisite skills and inheritance development.


Suji Ancient Town has opened many new-Chinese-style teahouses, and you can find any one of them to have a cup of tea and have a rest when you are tired of strolling.


Walking 15 meters across the Rugong Bridge there is a Rusu Tea House, which is converted from an old building, the three-storey wooden building is set up as a space full of natural atmosphere and lazy flavor.


Sitting on the bank of the Emei River, holding a cup of tea with a plate of tea snacks, quietly looking out the window at the scenery of the ancient town, time just so unconsciously flow away, a day of Suji trip also came to an end.


Before you leave, pick up a little Suji rice candy to take home as a souvenir.


If you come to Suji, you may also want to slow down to a deep tour like I did, to feel the charm of this thousand-year-old town.