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The summer heat is upon us

The editor must give you a strong recommendation Emei Mountain cool play line guide

Wannian Temple - Qingyin Pavilion

Come to Emei Mountain for a summer of water fun!

01 travel preparation

Sweatpants, sport sandals (or wear sneakers and then bring a pair of sandals), short sleeves, backpack, sun protection (if needed), hat (if needed), sunglasses (if needed), trekking poles, knee pads (if needed).


Warm tips: the above supplies are to the day of the round trip to make preparations, if you plan to stay, please prepare the daily necessities as appropriate !


02 Tourist Route

Walking route map (red arrows)


Take a scenic tour bus at Emei Mountain Tourist Transportation Center (Baoguo Temple) or Huangwan Visitor Center - (about 30 minutes) → Wannian Temple Parking Lot by Wannian Ropeway (you can also walk) - (the ropeway is about 10 minutes) → Wannian Temple tour and lunch - (about 30 minutes walk) → Bailong Cave -(Walk about 30 minutes)→Qingyin Pavilion→Ecological Monkey Area-(Walk about 1 hour)→Wuxiangang Station to take a bus down the mountain


Journey length: about 1km from Qingyin Pavilion to Yixiantian, about 500m from Yixiantian to Ecological Monkey Area, about 2km from Qingyin Pavilion to Wannian Temple, about 1.5km from Qingyin Pavilion to Wuxiangang.


03  Budget

Mount Emei Scenic Spot Ticket Adult ¥160

Round-trip sightseeing bus from Emei Mountain Tourist Transportation Center (Baoguo Temple) or Huangwan Visitor Center - Wannian Temple Station¥40

Wannian ropeway up ¥65

Lunch at Wannian Temple ¥20/person

Total ¥285


* Tickets are calculated on the basis of a normal adult ticket

* Sightseeing bus ticket is calculated as round trip, one-way ¥20

* Wannian Ropeway is calculated for upward travel only, downward travel ¥45

* Accommodation at the temple is not included

* Extra expenses on the way are not included


04 Detailed arrangements

Wannian ropeway

Go to Wannian Temple Station and take the Wannian Ropeway to Wannian Temple, which is about 10 minutes, during which you can enjoy a spectacular view of the mountain that will blow you away.

If you don't want to take the ropeway, you can also walk to Wannian Temple~Picture walking time is about 40 minutes, and the road is about 2.16km long.

After getting off the ropeway, you'll pass by the Wish Workshop, so you can go in and take a look.You'll also see food stalls and energize yourself properly. Another 600m walk will take you to Wannian Temple.


Wannian Temple

"White Water" is the substitute name for Wannian Temple, there is a pool named white water pond in the temple, which is said to be the place where the poet Li Bai and Zen Master Guang Jun formed a deep friendship.

Further inside to see a tender yellow building, is the beamless brick hall in the Wannian Temple . The hall was built in the Ming Dynasty, all brick, no wood, no a pillar and a tile.

After the tour, it's time for lunch and head to the Wannian Temple canteen for a meal.

After lunch, I also found a corner where many young people go to take pictures, bright sunshine lining the red wall is particularly bright.

I love summer because I can see the blue sky almost every day, and with the blue sky as the background, it makes every photo shine, and of course, it echoes the natural beauty and those big smiles in the photos.

After leaving Wannian Temple, you head towards the cool summer vacation spot of the trip, Qingyin Pavilion.


For further information, Wannian Temple Accommodation Phone:

Landline: 0833--5096111




Bailong Cave

Before reaching the Qingyin Pavilion, you will pass by the Bailong Cave, where a legend of the white loong is told by the world. If you're interested, you can visit this place.

For further information, Bailong Cave Temple Accommodation Phone:


As we approached Qingyin Pavilion, we saw two children, which is the charm of Qingyin Pavilion.


Qingyin Pavilion

The two cuties told everyone that Qingyin Pavilion had arrived!

Listening to the sound of gurgling water, accompanied by laughter, a moment of fatigue are left behind, you can enjoy splashing in the water, you can also sit on the rocks to rest, at this moment do not feel the heat of the summer, but only belongs to the summer of fun.

It's much cooler to hear the water running.

If you want to stay here for a long time, you can stay at the Qingyin Pavilion.

If you need to stay at Qingyin Pavilion, please call:0833-5099045

After playing in the Qingyin Pavilion for a while, we went to the ecological monkey area through Yixiantian, and the weather was so sunny that the monkeys must have come out to play.


Ecological monkey area

After crossing this bridge, the ecological monkey area is here!

Monkey: another wave of people coming to see me

I didn't see the "model" this time, but I did see the rest of the family!

Say goodbye to Monkey

We're ready to go home


Passing through Qingyin Pinghu

Another ten minutes walk to Wuxiangang

This is the end of a pleasant day's tour

Emei Mountain is so unforgettable!

To purchase tickets, please click on the app below and select "Scenic Ticketing".

Kind reminder

1.  Emei Mountain Scenic Area Fares

Tickets, ropeways peak season fares (January 16 to December 14)

Ticket: RMB 160/person for adult ticket, RMB 80/person for discount ticket

Wannian ropeway ticket: upward 65 yuan/person, downward 45 yuan/person

Jingding ropeway ticket: 65 RMB/person for upward traveling, 55 RMB/person for downward traveling

Tickets, ropeway off-season fares (December 15 to January 15 of the following year)

Tickets: Adult ticket 110 RMB/person, discount ticket 55 RMB/person

Wannian ropeway ticket: 30 RMB/person for upward traveling, 20 RMB/person for downward traveling

Jingding ropeway ticket: 30 RMB/person for upward travel, 20 RMB/person for downward travel

Sightseeing bus ticket: 90 RMB/person for round trip of the whole mountain

2. Ticket Guide

Pay attention to ciotour.com's WeChat public number or search WeChat small program " Emei Mountain Scenic Area ciotour.com"; choose the type of ticket and pay online to complete the purchase.

Emei Mountain Scenic Spot Ticket Consulting Tel:4008196333

Warm tip: Remember to bring your ID.

Electronic invoice

1. Pay attention to the WeChat website, reply to the keyword "invoice" to apply for an invoice or pay attention to the official WeChat service number of "Digital Science and Technology Tour to Emei", and click on Scenic Spot Invoice → Casual Visitor Invoicing (or Travel Agent Invoicing) in the navigation bar.

2. Tickets booked online will be invoiced online with the order number of Emei Mountain Scenic Area ciotour.com, and tickets purchased on site will be invoiced online with the ticketing voucher code or the bound ID number.

3. Enquiry and issuance of relevant e-invoices need to be made after 3 days of ticket write-off.