Come to Qianwei and unlock N ways to research and study!

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Reading thousands of books and traveling thousands of miles

The best learning is on the way

Researching and Studying is not just about playing and visiting

It's also a broadening of horizons

This spring, come to Qianwei quickly

Embark on a journey of researching and studying that combines surprise and emotion!


researching and studying of exploratory


01 Jiayang Cyathea Lake Scenic Area

The Jiayang Small Train is the only narrow gauge steam train still in operation in the world, known as the "living fossil of the Industrial Revolution" and the "out of print landscape of the Industrial Revolution". On the way to research and study, students can experience many knowledge such as steam dynamics, light scattering, and herringbone U-turns, which are more vivid  than textbooks.


The old mining area of Bajiaogou records the development of Jiayang Coal Mine for more than 80 years, and the Jiayang National Mining Park Museum has many stories about geoscience, coal formation and mining, and miners. The period signs and buildings that have survived from the last century can be an eye-opening experience for students.


Huangcunjing is the No. 1 well of Jiayang Coal Mine, which produces a large amount of coal resources and has made indelible contributions to the victory of the Anti Japanese War and the construction of New China. Huangcunjing is not only a real mine well in China where tourists can experience sightseeing, but also a classroom for arduous education. Living underground, exploring the vast world of coal, and understanding the changes in mining techniques.


researching and studying of ancient county

Qianwei Confucian Temple was first built during the Northern Song Dynasty and is one of the four major Confucian temples in China. Using Confucian temples as carriers to inherit and promote Confucian culture. The series of courses are divided into traditional Chinese culture lecture halls, classic recitation, intangible cultural heritage inheritance, exploration of ancient architecture, exploration of Ming and Qing stone carvings, etc. Among them, activities such as teacher worship ceremony, Confucian worship ceremony, adult ceremony, and pen opening ceremony can greatly cultivate students' interest in traditional culture. Lectures on traditional Chinese culture and recitation of classics can cultivate a love for Confucianism. Exploring ancient architecture and stone carvings allows one to experience the exquisite skills and craftsmanship of ancient times.


Luocheng Ancient Town is one of the top ten ancient towns in Sichuan and a provincial-level historical and cultural town. By watching the Qilin Lantern performance, one can deeply experience the traditional culture of Luocheng Ancient Town, and at the same time, enter the Cai family's martial arts, learn about traditional martial arts culture, and learn more about the history behind the ancient town. Ancient streets, alleys, and residences can better explore the historical footprints of architectural culture in southern Sichuan, and experience the unique original ecological market culture.


Immersive experiential researching and studying

The total area of the World Jasmine Expo Park is 12000 mu, with a core area of 1300 mu. The layout is based on six major themes: 10000 hectares of jasmine, dreamy parent-child, starry sky, love secrets, rural accommodation, and cultural and creative ideas. It gathers 147 types of jasmine flowers from around the world, using jasmine as a research topic. Through study tours, more students can learn and learn about it.


This is the new landmark of Qianwei, with a unique appearance crafted with jasmine petals. The exhibition hall takes taste, smell, touch, vision, and hearing as the entry points, comprehensively showcasing and introducing the past and present of jasmine flowers. It not only allows everyone to intuitively understand the development of the entire jasmine industry chain, but also allows them to personally experience the production techniques of jasmine tea.