Where to go on the weekend? These 9 places in Leshan are just right for enjoying flowers!

2024-05-06 10:42:40 | view:

The weekend is coming, the weather is good, I have prepared a list of recent flowers for you, go with your friends.


Jiazhou Green Center Park

News! The roses are blooming in Jiazhou Greenheart Park, specifically on the hillside of Lushan Wetland in Greenheart Park.

The roses are in bloom, and even the air is fragrant with the fragrance of the flowers. Pink, deep red, light white, too good for photos.


Only Emei Mountain

Here, one can see the rosebuds twining and the greenery spreading across the entire outer fence. The rosebuds are not as delicate as peonies, and their flowers are small and discreet, with a delicate fragrance.

There is another good place to see roses in the garden, right at the exit of the "Under the Clouds" live-action village theater. A rack of rosebuds blooms along the wall, and the combination of fresh and beautiful flowers and the simple and quiet village makes for a beautiful photo shoot!



Jiayang-Suoluo Lake Soafern Tourist Attractions ushered in the opening of the second flower season this year. At the Duanjiawan attraction, 8,000 potted azaleas have been carefully transplanted, adding a touch of distinctive spring color to the scenic spot!

When the Jiayang miniature train shuttles between the flowers, the steam of the train intertwines with the spring light, adding more vividness to this beautiful picture.


Emei Mountain

Primitive azalea forests, from April to June, the annual azalea season kicks off and the moment of beautiful flowers comes!

From the 500 meters above sea level at the Baoguo Temple to the 3099 meters above sea level at the Top of Ten Thousand Buddhas, all kinds of rhododendrons present a beautiful picture, come to enjoy the beauty of the blooming rhododendrons on Emei Mountain!



Heizhugou scenic area has a total of 45 species of rhododendron family plants, the scenic area of rhododendron growing at an altitude of 1,700 to 4,000 meters between the variety of species, the distribution of the area of the large, the flowering period continues for a long time, the momentum of the spectacular, very rare. The largest rhododendron tree in Heizhugou is in Ronghongde Scenic Area, with a diameter of about 50 centimeters at breast height and a maximum age of about 150 years.


Muer Mountain, Suqi Township

In April, the flowers are in full bloom. Su Ji Town, City Center District, in the Mulle Mountain hill, a large area of blossoms are blooming in the wind, becoming a bright landscape.

Along the cement road to Muer Mountain, the road on both sides of the paulownia flowers have come to full bloom, full of eye to see pieces of bloom, romantic and dreamy, paved with the hill!


Rose Manor in Leigou Village

The rose manor with an area of about 200 acres is located in Leigou Village, Guanmiao, Central District of the city, where tens of thousands of roses blossom competitively under the blue sky and white clouds from April to May every year, and you can't see the end of it at a glance.

There are many types of roses here, colorful, many usually uncommon precious varieties, are in full bloom in the manor, many tourists travel through the flower fields, waving their skirts to take pictures, the picture makes people intoxicated.