How Beautiful ! The national treasure level flower has bloomed

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How beautiful! It's really like a dove

At the turn of spring and summer

It is a living fossil in the plant kingdom - the excellent growth period of dove tree

The gentle wind is blowing by

Many dove trees sways in the wind

Like white doves dancing gracefully


Dove tree flower

Dove tree is a unique monotypic plant species in China with an ancient origin.According to botanist research, dove tree is a relic angiosperm plant from the Tertiary Paleotropical period over 60 million years ago, and a survivor of the southward movement of glaciers over 2 million years ago. Dove tree flower is a rare plant unique to China, known as "living fossil of plants" and "green giant panda".


01 Heizhugou Scenic Area

Heizhugou Town, Ebian Yi Autonomous County

This year's human April spring is coming to an end, and the dove tree flowers are beginning to bloom.Dove tree flowers are about to bloom all over the mountain, let's go to Heizhugou.


The dove trees in Heizhugou are mainly distributed in Goukou, Mali Lengjiu, and Gongtong Valley. Among them, Gongtong Valley grows more than 3000 dove trees, making it the most concentrated place for dove trees in the Heizhugou Scenic Area.


At present, some of the dove tree flowers in Goukou and Mali Lengjiu have begun to bloom, and the dove tree flowers in other areas will also bloom one after another. The overall flowering period is expected to be from late April to early May each year.



Near the Xixinsuo in the Emei Mountain Scenic Area

Route: In the morning, take the sightseeing bus to the scenic area (Baoguo Temple/Huangwan - Wannian Parking Lot) -30 minutes ->Wannian Parking Lot, take the Wannian Cableway (or walk for about 30 minutes) -10 minutes -> start walking from Wannian Temple -2 hours (slow walking) ->Xixinsuo


Every April, the dove trees in Mount Emei exudes fragrance and beauty, dancing among the towering mountains. The mountain breeze gently caresses the tree tips, and the dove trees dance like white doves. The "giant panda in the plant world" is indeed worth seeing!


Xixinsuo has an altitude of 1460 meters and is only about 5 kilometers away from Wannian Temple. Inside the temple, there is a particularly eye-catching dove tree, which has become a treasure place for viewing the pigeon flowers on Mount Emei.


Dawang Mountain

Dawang Mountain, Mabian Yi Autonomous County

When the dove tree flowers bloom in Dawang Mountain, the dove tree resembles an open umbrella. The flowers sway in the wind, casting their white romance under the blue sky and white clouds.


In the depths of the mountain, there is an endless lawn where many cows and sheep are grazed. Here, you can also experience geological wonders: majestic mountains, abundant resources, and a collection of stunning, beautiful, and elegant stone forests, perfect for taking photos!


03 Mabian Dafengding Nature Reserve

The Mabian dove tree is mainly distributed in the Dafengding Nature Reserve, with an altitude of 1200-2200 meters and nearly 30000 trees, covering an area of 14415.36 hectares.


The flowers of the dove tree flower have no petals, consisting of two milky white bracts of different sizes, wrapped around a dark purple stamen, which looks really unique!