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The May Day holiday is coming again

A 5-day vacation

Where are you going to play?

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In order to make the friends who want to come to Shawan have fun

Shawan has carefully launched

Cultural and tourism promotion of consumption activities


The event will last until June

"Happy play in summer" "Happy learning in summer"

"Happy Sports in Summer" "Happy Shopping in Summer"

Four major themes and 15 cultural and tourism activities

I believe that in this cultural and tourism activity "big gift package"

There will always be your “dish”


Now, I will use limited text

Introducing the May Day holiday to everyone

Arrangement of cultural and tourism activities during the period


Go play at Meinvfeng

Due to the implementation of slope treatment, the Meinvfeng National Forest Park, which was temporarily closed before the Spring Festival, will reopen to welcome visitors during this year's May Day holiday. Blessed are outdoor enthusiasts!


Meinvfeng is the third peak in the Emei Mountains, with an altitude of 2027 meters. Due to its resemblance to a beautiful woman lying on her back, it is praised by Mr. Guo Moruo as the "Sleeping Beauty". Inside the Meinvfeng, there are beautiful stone forests and lush plants, with natural landscapes such as stone leopards, stone monkeys, stone elephants. Here, not only can you appreciate the extraordinary craftsmanship of nature, but you can also temporarily bid farewell to the hustle and bustle of the city and have a heartfelt aerobic mountaineering exercise.


Ticket price

Leshan citizens (whose ID card is located within the scope of Leshan City) are charged 18 yuan per person; Tourists from other regions are priced at 36 yuan per person.



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Moruo Drama Cultural and Creative Park

During holidays, the second phase of the Moruo Drama and Creative Park (Train Square) is one of the most popular places in Shawan. Why? That's certainly because of various exciting cultural performances.


This year's May Day holiday, the cultural performance at the second phase of the Moruo Drama Cultural and Creative Park (Train Square) has been arranged for everyone! Every day from 19:00 to 21:00, there will be exciting songs and dances performed here.Not only that, there will also be professional DJs leading everyone to start a popular outdoor disco dancing, allowing you to have a happy holiday!


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"Red House - Qiaodouyan" Tourist Route

It is believed that many citizens and tourists have experienced the cruise project in the Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area. It must be an unforgettable tourism experience to watch the majesty of Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area by cruise ship or speedboat.


But now, if you want to experience the fun of boating, you can also go to Shawan! This year's May Day holiday, the "Red House - Qiaodouyan" tourist route in Shawan District will begin trial operation. Starting from the Red House (Huishipen Ferry) located in Niushi Town, Shawan District, take the "Moruo" cruise ship from top to bottom, and after a 50 minute tour time, you will finally reach Qiaodouyan (Longyan Wharf).


During the 11.5 kilometer journey, not only can you enjoy the unique scenery of the reservoir area, but you can also visit points such as the Dengtong Coinage Site and the Anchi Wetland along the way. You can also experience the exotic scenery of the film and television base at the starting point of the Red House, and experience the extraordinary craftsmanship of nature at the ending point of the Qiaodouyan. This trip is definitely worth it.


Ticket price

The one-way ticket price is 88 yuan/person; The round-trip ticket price is 128 yuan/person; Half price below 1.2 meters.


Ticket purchase time



Ticket purchase method and location

On site ticket purchase at Huishipen Ferry (priority given to team ticket purchase, contact person: Ms. Gong 15281998977)


Operation time

Trial operation will begin on May 1st

Depart around 10:00 and return at 12:00.

Depart around 14:00 and return at 16:30.


In case of special circumstances such as flood season, heavy fog, strong winds, heavy rain, etc. that affect navigation safety, dynamic adjustments will be made to the flight schedule.


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"Searching for Food in Shawan and Enjoying Joy in Spring"


The trade fair is the most beloved and down-to-earth cultural and tourism activity among us ordinary people. Did you get it?


This year's May Day holiday, a sales exhibition with the theme of "Searching for Food in Shawan and Enjoying Joy in Spring" will open on Futian Road in Shawan City. Whether it's local specialty cuisine or affordable small commodities, you can "catch all" at one exhibition and fully enjoy the atmosphere of small city life. At the same time, this exhibition will also simultaneously carry out the "Home Appliance Going to the Countryside" activity, and multiple home appliance companies will provide a series of home appliance consumption subsidies for everyone. If you want to buy the latest home appliances at a cheaper price, you won't be wrong to come here!


Activity time

April 30th to May 12th


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The May Day holiday is approaching

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