Plum blossom in full bloom in Greenheart Park

2024-02-27 14:45:10 | view:

Plum blossoms in Greenheart Park bloom on schedule, filling the air with the scent of spring


With the arrival of spring, the plum blossoms in Greenheart Park attract many visitors to enjoy the flowers.

Plum blossoms decorate this green paradise with their unique charm and become the preferred place for citizens to visit in spring.


Hundreds of plum blossoms are planted in Greenheart Park, and they look especially beautiful under the spring rain. Blooming out their charming style and emitting fresh flower fragrance, they also attract visitors to feel the spring in the beauty of plum blossoms.


The Green Heart Park will not only have a variety of vegetation and flowers in different seasons, but will also introduce more programs and activities that are rich in cultural experiences, making it a good place for the public to relax and unwind.


It is the plum blossoms that are blooming in the park right now. Greenheart Park has a total of more than 3,000 plum blossoms, including beauty plums, red plums and white plums, and the best viewing period is at the end of February lasting until the end of March.

Beauty Plum has become a beautiful scenery in the central city district, quickly bring your family and friends to Greenheart Park to experience its unique charm.