Convenient Payment Methods for Foreigners, More Convenient for Foreign Visitors to Mount Emei

2024-05-28 15:03:51 | view:

In order to deeply implement the decision-making and deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, and closely follow the goal of “building a world-renowned world-important tourist destination”, the Emeishan Scenic Area Management Committee, Emeishan Sub-branch of People's Bank of China and Emeishan Tourism Co.,Ltd. have jointly promoted local financial institutions to optimize a series of payment services to provide more high-quality, efficient and convenient payment services for for foreigners, and to continuously improve the satisfaction and experience of tourists.


More robust payment service system

the Emeishan Scenic Area Management Committee, tEmeishan Sub-branch of People's Bank of China and Emeishan Tourism Co.,Ltd. coalesced to reach a consensus. They set up programs and skillfully divided the work, focusing on foreign-related high-frequency payment scenarios such as ticketing, cultural and creative industries, hotels, restaurants, etc., and coordinated the construction of a multi-level and diversified payment service system. The goal of creating a 5A scenic spot for payment accessibility for expatriates has been formulated, while a team of financial institutions has been set up to optimize the service, and corresponding ways have been adopted to put into practice the measures to promote payment facilitation in the scenic spot.


Better payment infrastructure

The government, banks and enterprises “mobilization”, and strive to promote the scenic area foreign card acceptance environment continues to be optimized. Scenic area close to the payment habits of foreign consumers, focusing on enhancing the foreign card cash and foreign card payment services, within a month has been completed in the entire scenic area stock of foreign card payment services hardware and software iterative upgrading. Up to now, in the whole scenic area of food, accommodation, transportation, tourism, shopping, entertainment and other key consumer scenarios, “foreigners” can complete the payment only with a foreign card.


Richer forms of mobile payment

In addition to the familiar WeChat, Alipay, China Unionpay Quick Pass and other mobile payments, there is also a humanized digital RMB payment mode that has been fully promoted in the scenic area, which has become an important part of the process of digitalization of the scenic area. With the promotion of the three parties, the digital RMB payment code has been settled in the official payment window of Emeishan Tourism Co.,Ltd., and ome merchants. It can be said that the first 5A scenic spot in Sichuan province digital RMB key scene full coverage to create a small goal has been achieved, willing to try fresh payment methods of foreign tourists have more options.



More orderly cash availability

Cash payments are also part of the habits of expatriate consumers. In order to solve the problem of “cash change” which is not convenient enough, the financial institutions went deep into Emei Scenic Spot's various consumption scenarios, and did solid research on the demand and frequency of cash. They and the demand for commercial households to develop a regular, fixed-point put cash “coin purse” program, and guide the main body of the business posted signs, public commitment to collect cash.

Convenient payment is more intimate

The Emeishan Scenic Area Management Committee, the Emeishan Sub-branch of the People's Bank of China and Emeishan Tourism Co., Ltd. have also jointly produced the “Emeishan Scenic Area Foreign Convenience Payment Map”. The map shows the locations of ATMs, POS machines, and digital currency payments, as well as instructions on how to use them, so visitors will be pampered all the time. At present, more than 500 merchants in the Jinding area, Leidongping Zero Kilometer area, Qingyin Pavilion - Wannian Temple area, and Huangwan-Baoguo Temple area have realized convenient services such as overseas bank card payment, mobile payment and digital RMB payment. The convenience of the payment method vividly demonstrates the convenient and inclusive payment environment and the open and friendly international image of Emei Mountain Scenic Area.