The Heizhugou Scenic Area in early autumn is really beautiful!

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Summer leaves gradually, and autumn comes quietly.

The cool breeze brings the feeling of autumn.


The Heizhugou Scenic Area in early autumn has a refreshing scenery

The sky is high and the clouds are wide, and the mountains and waters are clear and beautiful

It's the perfect season to appreciate autumn

There is no crowded or noisy feeling of steel and concrete jungle here

The wind is refreshing and refreshing, making walking in the scenic area even more enjoyable

Stop and observe, take a deep breath of fresh air

Watching the mountains, forests, and layers of forest dyed, my heart carefree without any troubles


Cool, summer, amazing all summer.

So, you know what?

The autumn here is even more stunning

Come to the Heizhugou Scenic Area and meet the beauty of early autumn


At the beginning of September, the Heizhugou scenic spot was gradually shrouded in autumn and began to enter the most beautiful season. The green shoots turn red leaves, the plants begin to turn yellow, and they are walking on the road from high green to golden autumn to beauty.

Under the blue sky and white clouds, the golden grassland and the colorful mountains in the distance seem to be close at hand, which makes people drunk in this charming landscape.


Autumn is a gorgeous season, beautiful like a colorful oil painting, against the blue sky and white clouds, as if in the fairy tale world of autumn.


Heizhugou Scenic Area is not only beautiful, but also a "natural oxygen bar" with lush vegetation and rich negative oxygen ions.  Being here, every breath is a physical and mental pleasure of "washing the lungs" and enjoying the natural rhythm.


Heizhugou scenic spot Valley Scenic Area in Autumn Accompanied by Breeze

Good scenery waits for no one, take advantage of the cool weather

Come to Heizhugou scenic spot to enjoy the beautiful autumn breeze