The scenery of Muchuan Bamboo Sea is really beautiful

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Arouse emotions with bright colors, and picturesque scenery makes people move.

Don't go far this summer, come to Muchuan to experience a romantic and beautiful journey


The Muchuan Bamboo Sea Scenic Area is known as a "lung moistening" resort, with many bamboo forests in the area, and the lush greenery that washes away the hot and dry air.

Entering the entrance of the scenic area by car, the mountains are verdant and verdant, making people overwhelmed.  The green bamboo trees in the lane rushed towards me, with a refreshing and translucent green color that made me feel refreshed and refreshed.

Passing through the green bamboo corridor and walking on the bluestone slab, the sun's dappled shadows cast onto the ground, blending with the fragrance of soil and grass.  The slightly moist air fades away the restlessness of summer.

The Yongxing Lake, which combines mountains and waters, is as green as jade, with undulating peaks and ranges around the lake.  The reflection of the green bamboo forest in the water forms a cool world where the mountain light and water color are the sa-me as green, and the peaks and ridges are the same as green water.


Muchuan Bamboo Sea Scenic Area is known as the "Runfei" resort.  There are many forests and bamboos in the scenic area, and the green eyes wash away the hot air.

The car entered the gate of the scenic spot, and the mountains were lush and green, which made people overwhelmed.  The green bamboos in the passageway are on my face, and the freshness and brightness of the green make people feel refreshed.

Walking through the bamboo corridor and on the bluestone board, the mottled shadow of the sun is projected on the ground, and the slightly moist air fades away the irritability in summer with the fragrance of soil and grass.

Yongxing Lake, where mountains and rivers are integrated, is as green as jade, and the peaks around the lake are rolling.  The green bamboo forest reflects the water, forming a cool world in which mountain light and water are the same color, and mountains and clear water are the same green.


The clouds above the bamboo sea are like white cotton, soft and full of layered beauty.  Being so close to you seems within reach.

The magnificent momentum and magnificent scenery of the sea pavilion above the clouds can be seen at a glance.

Whether it is rainy or sunny, the bamboo sea is always so charming.

Clouds and mist linger among the mountains, sometimes as gentle as handkerchiefs, and sometimes as rough as waves.


The Danxia landform is interpreted here, and the red sandstone forms a rare scenic landscape in the form of cliffs or corridors.

Danxia, Cuizhu, Waterfall, Bamboo Sea is a green wave of mountains and valleys.  Make countless tourists like it.

The Wuli Heng Ancient Road by the cliff, the observation pavilion on the "Silver Rock", the stone tables, benches, and murals in the Bo Ren Cave, and the red camellias blooming by the stone stairs have become the finishing touches of the bamboo sea.