Awesome! Leshan Intangible Heritage Shines in the Universiade Village

2023-07-26 16:25:37 | view:

On July 22, the theme art exhibition of "Chengdu, China, Park City" was officially held in the Dayun Village Art Museum, where Jiajiang New Year pictures, a national Intangible cultural heritage project from Leshan, and ebony carving techniques, a county-lev-el Intangible cultural heritage project in Muchuan County, were unveiled.


Jiajiang New Year painting is a traditional woodblock New Year painting, which, together with Mianzhu New Year painting and Liangping woodblock New Year painting, is known as the "Three Great New Year Paintings in Sichuan". Different from the latter tw-o, the overall color of Jiajiang New Year paintings is elegant, with rich patterns that are mostly taken from daily life.


Jiajiang New Year Pictures originated in the Wanli and Apocalypse years of Ming Dynasty. Jiajiang Woodblock New Year Pictures have a strong local flavor and local cultural characteristics, and have a unique style. In 2008, Jiajiang Woodblock New Year Picture-s were listed as the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage projects.


Ebony carving is one of the traditional arts in China. It takes the natural form of ebony as the artistic creation object, and creates artistic images of different people, animals and utensils through conception, artistic processing and technological treatment.


As a county-level intangible cultural heritage project in Muchuan, ebony carving technique turns rotten wood into magic, carving a tree root and a piece of dead wood into vivid and exquisite works of art, which is an eye-opener.


It is understood that 71 excellent art works, 90 photographic works and 124 representative works of Intangible cultural heritage of Sichuan Province were exhibited in this art exhibition, expressing the happy life of the park city under the snow mountain and f-ireworks from different perspectives, techniques and purports.  The exhibition will continue until August 11th.  College athletes can come to the Universiade Village Art Museum to feel the charm of intangible cultural heritage after competition and training.