These two places in Leshan are perfect for playing on weekends.

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Cherry blossoms are really beautiful when they are in full bloom

You don't have to go far to see the cherry blossoms

There are two beautiful cherry blossoms in Shawan District of Leshan City

Go stand among the cherry blossoms and feel the smell of spring

Former residence of Guo Moruo in Leshan

Flowers are in full bloom.

The cherry blossoms of Moruo's former residence are blooming as scheduled

The special beauty attracts a large number of tourists


The overlapping petals on the tree opened one after another, like white clouds


In 1981, when the former mayor of Shikawa City, Takahashi Guoxiong, led Shikawa City's Japan China Friendship Councilor and Alliance delegation to visit Leshan City for the first time, they planted the Japanese evening cherry b-rought from Japan in the former residence of Guo Moruo in Leshan. In the same year, Leshan City and Shichuan City became sister cities. Over the past 40 years, under the careful management and care of the staff of the former residence, this flower tree symbolizing friendship has taken root in Leshan and bloomed every spring.


Walking in the former residence, the lush flower clusters appear like shadows, as if creating an illusion of time and space travel


The scenic spot is located in the middle section of Wenhao Road, Shawan District, Leshan City, including Guo Moruo's former residence, Guo Moruo Memorial Hall, Moruo Cultural Garden, and Moruo Calligraphy Art Museum.



This is where Guo Moruo was born and studied and lived in his youth. It is a small green tile bungalow of wooden structure with four and three Wells. The former residence was built during the reign of Emperor Jiaqing of the Qi-ng Dynasty, covering an area of 2160 square meters and a building area of 1108 square meters, with 36 large and small rooms. Set rooms, shops, old school, garden in one, so far to retain the primitive style.


Ten thousand acres of cherry blossoms in Zhenxi Town

Strolling along the Cherry Blossom Corridor in Zhenxi Town, one can only see cherry trees extending along the spacious and tidy road towards the mountains. The cherry blossoms have already covered their branches, appearing particularly charming and charming under the warm spring sun.


Zhenxi Town has also set up game experience points in some locations of the "Ten Mile Cherry Blossom Corridor", allowing tourists to relax and enjoy unlimited spring scenery while enjoying the flowers.


There are nearly 10000 acres of cherry blossoms planted here, including 13 varieties such as evening cherry, green cherry, and beauty cherry. At present, cherry blossoms in mid to low altitude areas such as the "Ten Mile Cherry Blossom Corridor" have entered their blooming period, and cherry blossoms in high altitude areas are gradually blooming, and the flowering period will continue until mid to late April.