It's a good place for spring outing, and you can play all the way along the Emei River!

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Issued by Sichuan Provincial Department of Ecological Environment

List of outstanding cases of beautiful rivers and lakes in Sichuan Province in 2022

Emei River in Leshan City was successfully selected


The Emei River originates from the Emei Mountain Scenic Spot in Leshan City, Sichuan Province. As the main tributary of the Dadu River in Leshan City, it is the "green pearl string" connecting the ecological water town scroll of t-he world cultural and natural heritage of the Emei-Leshan Giant Buddha, as well as the "golden corridor" for Leshan to build an important tourist destination in the world, and also the "living pool" for residents living along the r-iver.


Today, the beautiful scenery of flowers blooming, birds flying in the sky and fish playing in the water has been realized along the Emei River. The scale of rural tourism market along the river has been continuously improved, and the new form of cultural tourism industry development with "food+beauty" in the Emei River leisure and holiday industry is also becoming a new landmark for citizens to "play".



Spring is coming

What are some interesting scenic spots along the Emei River

Follow me to understand

Emei River Pastoral Scenery Corridor

Every spring, more than 600 mu of rape flowers arrive at the bank of the Emei River in Suji Town as scheduled and are in full bloom.


In spring, when the flowers are in bloom, the overwhelming rape flowers render the earth as gorgeous as oil painting. Being in it can help you stay away from the noise of the city and forget the worries of the life. This sea of flo-wers is a good place for people in Leshan to go hiking in the suburbs. Take the Leshan 601 bus to the Emei River Pastoral Scenery Corridor Station and walk there.


Emei River Scenic Path

The Emei River Scenic Road starts from Dadu River Square, passes through Huayuankou, Shuikou Linjiang  Bridge, Xuyue Village and Leiba Village, and then runs along the west bank of the Emei River to Suji Ancient Town. The t-otal length of the route is about 8.9km, and it is a rural type riding pedestrian road.


When you ride here, you can have a panoramic view of the scenery on both sides of the Emei River. You can walk slowly, walk and stop, and take a nap in the sun on the seat when you are tired.


Longwo Ancient Village

In March of each year, with the continuous spring breeze, the Handroanthus chrysanthus in Longwo Village bloom heartily! In spring, you can not only enjoy the flowers, but also experience the long history and culture. Here is t-he Song's Ancestral Hall, a provincial cultural relics protection unit.



According to historical records, Song Ancestral Hall was built at the end of the Ming Dynasty and the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, covering an area of about 20 mu. This tall and towering Chinese classical building, after hundr-eds of years of wind and rain, is still dignified and elegant.


Unique Mount EMEI

Unique Mount EMEI is located in the beautiful Chuanzhu town, surrounded by green mountains and idyllic dwellings, facing a river in front, back to green mountain, and having beautiful natural scenery.


The roof of the original western Sichuan folk houses is equipped with 17000 ㎡ of white gravel to form the "in the Cloud" theater, which creates a dreamlike "fairyland" in the misty forest.


"Under the cloud" theater also has a folk garden party that integrates the flavor of the year, interesting and delicious. Traditional and authentic delicious snacks, folk experience in childhood memory, nostalgic childhood fun gam-e challenges, mysterious and interesting mini script killing, immersive casual performance interaction... take you back to the 19 80s and awaken your childhood memories.


Huangwan Town

"Go to Jinding for sightseeing and take a vacation in Huangwan". Huangwan Town is located at the main entrance of Mount Emei Scenic Area. It is an international tourism town characterized by Emei culture, mainly composed o-f Huangwan Upper Town, Mount Emei Gate Square (Middle Town) and Huangwan Lower Town.


The buildings here are all in the architectural style of "West Sichuan Antique", with a bucket structure, sloping roof, thin overhanging eaves, open and transparent, simple and elegant, which is the inheritance of the characteristics of traditional folk houses in West Sichuan.


The town uses the concept of black and white water separation to organically combine mountains, water, terrain and streets, with farmland, streams, river valleys and trees running through it, highlighting the characteristics of "mountain residence", creating an idyllic atmosphere where mountains and rivers are connected and villages are hidden in the depths, reflecting the complementary relationship between the farming culture and martial arts cult-ure of Mount Emei.


Tianjie · Liziping

Tianjie · Liziping is located in Zhaohe Village, Suishan Town, Emeishan City. Here, you can feel the magic of  Mars base; Here, you can enjoy a delicious afternoon tea with your friends, and freely sing songs on the terrace, accompanied by a duet of landscape and birdsong, warm and beautiful.


The altitude of Liziping is 800-1100 meters. Standing on the observation platform, you can have a panoramic view of the spring scenery of the mountains. When the weather is clear, you can also overlook the scenery of Emei, Leshan and Jiajiang urban areas. At night, you can also overlook the brilliant lights of thousands of families and look up at the brilliant stars in the sky.


Jia'e Tea Valley

Jia'e Tea Valley is located in Fuxi Town, Emeishan City. As a new business card for the integration of tea tourism in Emei Mountain, the theme of tea garden has created a green ecological leisure environment combining tea with f-orest, flowers and fruit, which not only changes the once single experience mode of tea tasting in the tea mountain, but also enlivens the ancient culture of "tea ceremony".


As the only national-level modern agricultural industrial park featured by the integration of tea and tourism in the country, Jia'e Tea Valley, relying on the long history and cultural heritage and natural ecological advantages of M-ount Emei, integrates the tea ceremony culture, and introduces a series of traditional manual tea making activities such as tea picking, tea making.


Spring is a poetic season 

The things that wake up quietly display her beauty and enchantment in every corner of the world

Have a rest of  winter

Why not take advantage of the time to go hiking along the Emei River to find spring!