Shawan officially sends an invitation to you!!

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Not long ago, Shawan South Station was officially opened to traffic, and the last cast-in-place beam at Shawan Interchange of Le Xi Expressway (Le ma section) was successfully poured. This marks the beginning of Shawan has t-hus opened the "era of bullet trains" and is about to enter the "era of high speed".


It is more and more convenient to travel to Shawan, which also makes tourists from all over have more expectations for Shawan.


Shawan, known as Nanling in ancient times, is the hometown of Guo Moruo, a literary master. There are two national AAAA tourist attractions, Guo Moruo's former residence and Moruo Drama Cultural and Creative Park, as well as rich cultural and tourism resources, such as Meinv Peak and Dadu River Wetland Park.


Cultural tourism resources here advantaged, enjoy the beautiful and magnificent natural scenery. It is also the hometown of celebrities with cultural connotations. Take a bullet train tour of Leshan, 2023 Shawan to invite you.

When it comes to Shawan, we all know the former residence of Guo Moruo and Beauty Peak. In fact, Shawan has a lot of beautiful scenery worth you to discover.

Guo Moruo's former residence scenic spot

The first stop of Shawan tour, we came to the hometown of Guo Moruo, the former residence of Guo Moruo. Located in the middle of Wenhao Road, Shawan District, the scenic spot includes four parts: Guo Moruo's former resid-ence, Guo Moruo Memorial Hall, Moruo Cultural Garden and Moruo Calligraphy Art Museum.


Mo Ruo drama cultural and creative Garden

National 4A level scenic spot, beautiful natural environment, profound cultural heritage, set parent-child research, drama exchanges, commercial entertainment as one. There are Mouruo Theater, drama theme block, Research a-nd Tourism Center (Suishan Mountain Pavilion), Tonghe Family Style Building, Sichuan Opera Theater, Chinese Theater and other scenic spots, as well as interactive Spaces such as cultural and creative experience Pavilion for visit-ors to experience.


Beauty Peak scenic spot in Shawan

Beauty Peak was praised as "Sleeping beauty" by Guo Moruo because it looks like a beautiful woman lying on her back. The landscape of Beauty Peak is famous for Shawan Stone Forest, which has beautiful rocks and lush plant-s.


Si E terraced fields

With mountains, houses and terraced fields, the idyllic scenery here is stunning. Si E mountain, crisscrossed fields interwoven, the water surface of the silver, like a curved mirror.


Fulu ancient town

Fulu food is famous all over the world, and is a famous distribution center in the mountains. This ancient pocket city has gone through 2,000 years of changes, but its ancient charm remains unchanged. There are eight gates in t-he ancient town. The gates are made of wooden iron plates, and a tower is built on the top of the gate.


Longyan Rock climbing base

In Shawan District Tongzi Township, there is known as the southwest region's largest, best quality natural rock climbing base - Longyan Rock climbing base. Breathe the fresh air, feel the comfort of nature, appreciate the charm a-nd excitement of climbing.