Have you ever been to the six most beautiful rural roads in Shawan?

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If you want to write about the  Shawan‘s’road

You can't just write about the Shawan‘s’road

To write about the colorful flowers and children flying kites in the spring by the roadside

To write about the leaves along the path of lotus ponds and the pulsating water under the lotus leaves in summer.

To write about the fruitful bergamot along the industrial road in autumn and the villagers' joy of harvest

To write about the snow falling on the hilltop and the silvery stone forest in winter on the mountain road.

Take a walk on the rural road to Shawan

Experience the  Shawan‘s’ road

Bringing hope and happiness


San'e Linchang Road

San'e Forest Area, a state-owned forest farm in Shawan District, has extremely rich forest resources, with a core area of 200 mu and an altitude of 1500-1800 meters. From an aerial perspective, the forest farm is full of vitality, with winding roads hovering bet-ween dense mountains and forests, and the trees along the road are particularly dazzling under the sunlight. The forest road is filled with water vapor and a hundred birds chirping, when you are in the middle of it is like entering a secret place. Every breath p-urifies the body and mind, making it a good place to experience the natural atmosphere in a fast-paced life.


Bolin He-xiang lotus pond trail

In the Bolin Hehua Township of Tashui Town, red lotus pond paths crisscross the hundred acre lotus pond. The red paths and large green lotus leaves complement each other, highlighting infinite vitality. When lotus flowers are in full bloom, you can walk alon-g the path, accompanied by gusts of breeze, swaying lotus leaves, and the air is filled with the fragrance of lotus flowers. When the lotus flowers are in full bloom, you can walk along the pathway, and admire the lotus flowers, listen to the sound of frogs , an-d experience the romance that only belongs to the midsummer!


Lvhua Village Beautiful Rural Road

There is such a road in Lvhua Village of Taiping Town, which is paved on the Karst  landform of 10000 mu, develops the "stone crevice economy", and opens the wealth channel of Taiping Town "barren mountains become green mountains, green mountains b-ecome golden mountains". The Chanye Road winding through the largest standardized planting base of Sichuan bergamot in China has lifted the "dream of becoming rich" of local villagers. When bergamot matures, the Chanye Road is full of golden berga-mot on both sides. The whole road is filled with the smell of citrus and lemon, fresh and clean, refreshing.


The Sha-Fan Road

This road that surrounds the foothills and goes up is the Sha-Fan Road. This road connects 5 villages and 1 community, including Er'e Shan Village and Fandian  in Shawan Town, with pleasant scenery and warm climate. It connects the traditional Chinese med-icine, trees, bamboo resources of Er'e Mountain, as well as research and health tourism resources such as Yunjian Moshang, Lanchizi, Dingmugang, and fossils of ancient biota, and is an important component of the construction of the E-sha Health and Healt-h Area.


The Road of Si'E Terrace Field

The Si'e terraced fields in Hulu Town have created this  landscape on the cloud with their unique geographical location. The Si'e terraced highway built along the mountain twists and turns, and you can enjoy the scenery of the terraced fields along the way. T-he scattered and orderly villages are scattered in the terraced fields, with cooking smoke curling up . During the day, they work tirelessly, and the sun shines on the earth and the backbone of the terraced fields. Overlooking from the mountaintop, the rural l-andscape outlined by the agricultural arc is panoramic.


The Winding Mountain Highway of The Beauty Peak

Beauty Peak, also known as San'e Mountain, is the third peak of Emei Mountains. Located 6 kilometers south of Shawan District, Leshan City, it is a national forest park. You start from the mountain gate at the bottom of the mountain and drive up the windin-g mountain road, stretching endlessly. When you go there at this time, the greenery is abundant and the whole forest road is filled with fresh smell after the rain. The beauty peak in winter is also a unique scenery. The beauty peak road covered by snow seem-s to be wrapped in snow, crossing many mountains, looking for a quiet place between heaven and earth, waiting for the harvest of the next year. The scenery of the four seasons is different, and the joy is endless.